Roland Martin talks with Jason Whitlock about his article about Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide posted on

4 thoughts on “Roland Martin Talks with Jason Whitlock

  1. I totally agree with Mark. If there is someone with the intent to harm another, they will carry it out no matter what the method or tool used. All to often we don’t worry about these events until it either happens to us or to someone influential in our community. How many murder-suicides of black folks happened that was not worthy of national news coverage just this past year?

    Mr. Blecher made a choice, and carried it out without influence from anyone or anything. There was no mind control. Anyone that thinks in a fairytale chance there was, that is no comfort to both Mr. Blecher and his Girlfriend’s families. I wish that this was not a tragedy and everyone was still alive.

    When people make poor choices, some of us need to stop looking for the Boogey Man that supposedly make us do bad things to each other. Influential people are just that without a title or position-people. All people make bad choices from time to time and some make very awful choices. We tend to look for a reason other than where the responsibility lies-with that person that made a bad decision and carried it out.

    Mr. Whitlock’s interview has just validated what some racists have been saying all along and have gotten alot of us in our communities to believe-that a Black person is either too dumb or not responsible enough to own or properly use a firearm.

    And Mr. Whitlock’s conspiracy theory about the NRA supplying guns in the Black community; if I was a racist NRA board member and believed the streotype that Black People are a violent race, I would be more concerned about a mass amount of firearms being used against the White community instead of whether or not black people with eliminate themselves with them.

    Mr. Whitlock saying that if there was no gun, there would be no tragedy, forgot all about the other women who were killed without a firearm by there mate.

    It is becoming obvious that Mr. Blecher and is significant Other had some relationship issues, that counseling was offered and in the end Mr. Blecher made a choice-his own choice. As a community and a country, we need to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support those with mental health issues, going through abusive relationships and other hardships.

    Examples must be set as adults to young people and others how to properly handle conflicts in relationships and in public with others. I respect Roland Martin as journalist but whomever decision it was to interview Mr. Whitlock, who is known for some of his far-fetched statements in his articles, made the interview look like a segment from Tabloid Television.

  2. Tony C on said:

    there is drug enforcement/control but people still find a way to get drugs, there is a ban on cuban cigars but people still find a way to get cuban cigars, they tried to ban alcohol during prohibition but people still found a way to get alcohol. Ban guns, do you really believe people wont find a way to get guns, the argument for gun control is absurd when you have to deal with the bigger picture, domestic violence and mental health, there are plenty of laws already on the books for gun control but the system is woefully insufficient when it comes to laws regarding domestic violence and protective orders.

  3. I am disturbed about this report from Jason and his responses about this incident to Roland. I can not believe a person in a position to influence and speak on behalf of our people has given such an uneducated and unresearched response as to some intangilbles which assisted wih this incident. Guns will be availible whether legal or not. People who decided to kill will do so whether they have a gun or not. The NFL orthe NRA has nothing to do with this what so ever.
    We continue to want to blame other things or other races about the shortcomings of black americans instead of accepting our own fault in our issues. We are responsible for the decisions we make, nothing else. Belcher obvious had issues long before this incident happened and was no doubt ignored or looked upon as “oh that just how he is” Crazy always sows its head before a trajedy, we just need to recognize it!
    Being from Alabama, I knwo all about what the KKK is and it is not the NRA. Someone that is mad at his baby mama for going to a concert and shoots her multiple times in there home and punks out and kill himself has nothing to do with nothing but him!! Jason is a poor and unacceptable represenative of our voice and should be called everytime he speaks until he educates himself n life instead of self promotion!!

    Charlotte, NC

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