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Nick Cannon may be sleeping on the couch after he made fun of his wife’s diva behavior at home.

During an interview on “Anderson Live”, Cannon opened up about his home life with wife Mariah Carey and their 19-month old twins Morocco and Monroe.

“The kids run the house. My wife is being the diva that she is. I’m trying to keep up with them,” the “America’s Got Talent host” described.

When Anderson Cooper asked Cannon who changed the most diapers between him and the “American Idol” judge, he replied: “Me!”  The former Nickelodeon star then tried to soften the blow.

“I get that duty a little bit more,” he said.

Sources close to the couple said Carey became infuriated about Cannon’s comments and believes he made her look like a bad mother.

“Nick has made diva jokes before, but never relating to Mariah being a parent,” the insider revealed. “She’s trying so hard to do well on ‘American Idol’ and thinks this will make her look bad.”

The Grammy-award winning singer joined the ‘Idol’ judging panel in an $18 million deal.  The couple’s friend said that Carey took the job because it would allow her to have more time with their children. Sources said Cannon’s remarks belittled her efforts.

“Sometimes Nick lets his mouth run faster than his brain,” the couple’s friend disclosed. “But he should have known he was going to tick off Mariah with his parenting potshots.”

Although Carey has a history of basking in her diva-like reputation, her friends believe that’s all changed since she’s become a mother.

“What Nick said made her feel small, and he’s had hell to pay at home. Mariah considers parenting a 50/50 proposition and feels that she changes just as many diapers as Nick,” the insider said.

Friends said Carey is now making sure her husband never mocks her mothering skills in the media again and has even threatened to delete his Twitter account.

“Nick knows that–and it’s put the fear of God into him,” their friend said.

28 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Goes Off on Nick Cannon About Kids

  1. Unque43 on said:

    She needs to calm down he was joking, oh my goodness. Her reaction is whats making her look bad. Cool down mama we know you love your kids and that you are a gook mom.

  2. its just a matter of time. when the boys grow up and stop being in love with their mom, they leave. just ask demi moore. he didn’t need to tell anyone she is a diva. the fact that she tries to look like she’s 30 and wears clothes that are way to tight and look awful on her, tell you she’s still suffering from her mental breakdown years ago. i’m just saying

  3. sheilby on said:

    She knew her younger husband was silly when she married him, and if he happens to be honest with the silly laugh and move on. who gives a shyt no pun intended. But the source really should have kept this to her/his self. no body cares about some one elses baby shitty diapers. Deleting his twitter account sounds like she is trying to be his momma as well, that is what happens when you marry a little comedian boy

  4. Candice on said:

    As a new mom trying to work again and take care of a household I understand her frustation. I can’t imagine having the whole world watching a judging. The one person that’s supposed to have your back is making jokes publicly, on a subject this sensitive, he would be in the doghouse for a while.

    I worked for Mariah for five years. And we still keep it touch. She was great. I don’t understand why so many people are so hateful towards her. When she’s at home she is not a diva or celeb. She’s really down to earth and fun to be around. I am one of a few people who have moved on. Most of her employees have been around for 20 plus years and are genuine friends to her. Nick is suppose to know her more than anyone. And he doesn’t know when to stop being a comedian. You know what hurts her feelings.
    Anyway this is old Wendy talked about this before Chrismas.

  5. Ms. Mariah. Know one can make you look like something, that you just may already be. It’s ok, if you have your nanny’s do the dirty work. You’re secret is safe with me. Maybe somewhere down the road, you will consider doing the remake of “Momme Dearest.”

  6. He didn’t say anything wrong and needs to put his big boy pants on and tell her to chill. Don’t look for trouble where there is none.

  7. The Rain on said:

    No spouse should talk too much about what goes on in their home to the media.Meme has a right to be sensitive to what was said,however,her name is not on Nick’s birth certificate,it’s on the marriage certificate.You people need to recognize that a woman making more money than her husband does not absolve her from respecting her husband.Marriage is a partnership,not a dictatorship.No wonder 70% of you people can’t find nor keep a husband,you act like tyrants.

  8. This is an odd couple from the start….I am not a Mariah Carey fan….I wll never forget, 1989, someone was doing an interview with her for her song, Vision of Love….He asked her is she was black and she went off on him….Every damn black household in that year was blasting that song and you have the nerve to answer in that fashion….Did it for me and her…..

  9. Tyson and James on said:


  10. From the comments (if you believe everything you hear) they both are silly as hell because true parenting is a 100% effort on the part of both parents….it took TWO to make the babies and it takes to maintain them……AND NOT KEEPING SCORE AS TO WHO DOES WHAT OR WHO S TURN IT IS….. funny how so many people that TAKE TIME to make babies (fertility drugs,planning for them)seem to forget that when it comes time to change the S*#T…..the comment made that he need to shut the hell up—–they both need to shut the hell up! and take care of their responsibility EQUALLY! by the way WHO gives a dam that much about what goes on in the privacy of their home anyway?????

    • You might be right. if I was Nick, I would shut da hell up!! He shouldn’t have said ANY of this. You married to MiMi, you ain’t got NOTHING to complain about. I’m sure there are TONS of men that would love to take his place and stay in their lane!!!

      • Unque43 on said:

        He was joking the way she reacted is worst. Because what he said was no biggie. There are tons of men who would not put up with her. It was a joke Why do you think he can’t or should no speak could you be in a relationship where you had to be silent. It was a joke and no one would not even paid any attention to it if she had kept quiet . Geez people.

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