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This week's "Real Father, Real Men" winner is Pastor Troy who is being rewarded a projector.

Dear Tom Joyner,

I would like to nominate my husband Pastor Troy McNulty as a Real Father/Real Man. Troy and I met the day after I came back from a missionary trip to Africa in 2006. I was in our local Wal-Mart getting pictures from the trip developed. As I turned to tell my daughter and niece how to say “thank you and you’re welcome” in the language I learned, Troy appeared out of nowhere and said, excuse me did you say Africa? Have you been there/are you going?" I informed him that I had just returned from Ghana. He began to sing African songs and tell me how he had gone to Zimbabwe on a missionary trip years ago. He had also founded and pastored an African church while living in Missouri.

We continued to talk and in the conversation, he said he was there to develop a picture from his son’s football game earlier in the day. As it turns out my daughter was a cheerleader for the same high school. Looking through his photos, he captured both of our children in the same shot. I never saw him at the game, but he would have had to be standing right next to me to get that shot!! One of my friends said God was trying to get you to together all day. We were married on December 22, 2010,  four years later on the anniversary of our first date. (If he had his way, we would’ve been married the same year we met.)

Troy has always shown great love, kindness and cares for my three children and treats them as his very own. From showing my then two-year-old son how he’s supposed to treat women (don’t ever hit a girl, open & hold doors for women, etc.), to driving my youngest daughter from Hartford to Harlem for her basketball tournaments (by the way, she’s enjoying a full basketball scholarship majoring in psychology) to sleeping by my oldest daughter’s hospital bed for two weeks after a brutal attack (only leaving her side to go to work and back) who I am so proud to say has physically recovered and is a senior majoring in criminal justice.

Pastor Troy also has a heart for people, especially hurting people. He makes it his business to get out to the scene of a homicide to comfort the families and friends of those affected. He visits with them and facilitates prayer vigils. Unfortunately, in 2011, New Haven was named the 4th most dangerous city in the nation. Pastor Troy has been to over 49 homicides in the past 2 ½ years. He is trying to make a difference the lives of many people, focusing on the young African-American male. When they first encounter him, they think he’s a cop, and then when he says "I’m Pastor Troy." they crack up. When they began to open up, they find that he is real, genuine and truly cares.

One thing that I know Pastor Troy really wants is a portable projector to use when he is out teaching and preaching.

Thank you so, much Mr. Joyner


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