ABC tried something new with “Last Resort” and “666 Park Avenue,” but their try was to no avail.

Both shows were canceled due to low ratings.

Critics say the dramas had a promising future, but they could have been too good for the regular, reality television drained audience.

They started off strong, but viewers’ interest began to dissipate as the show wore on.

“Last Resort,” starring Andre Braugher, averaged 7.3 million viewers, but the last episode garnered the least amount of viewers in the show’s short history, with only 5.8 million viewers.

As for Vanessa Williams’ “666 Park Avenue,” the show brought in an average of 5 million, dropping to 4 million during the last episode.

The shows aren’t going to just go off the air immediately. Instead, they’ll continue through 13 episodes. After that, it will be ended.


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One thought on “ABC Cancels Vanessa Williams’ New ‘666 Park Avenue’

  1. ABCWeary on said:

    I’m beyond sick of ABC, after axing the Soaps, apparently so they could move money to this new ventures, they are now cutting new shows left and right. We have several networks that have crammed their shows all on Sunday night, and then want to complain about the number of viewers. Get a grip, and also hire people that actually know the difference between good and bad, then grow up and stick with a show to the end.

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