Obama re-election backlash, Chicago's "heat list," and purple drank. Check out this week's hot topics in the news.

Purple Drank

If you have a teenager, chances are you know what this popular beverage is. Writer Gregory Kane discusses a fad that has teens and NFL players alike flirting with danger.

Click here to read more on the popular "purple drank".

Baltimore Bus Brawl

It’s getting pretty dangerous on the public transit system these days.  Bus drivers are having some “postal” issues and going crazy on their riders.

Unlike the Cleveland bus driver, the Baltimore bus driver never hit the girl, but appeared to be trying to restrain her and get her under control.

Click here to see video.

Chicago Police Department Implements Controversial 'Heat List' to Fight Crime

Armed with what they deem “heat lists,” cops assigned to the department’s Fugitive Apprehension Section now roam city streets in active and door-to-door pursuit of suspects wanted for misdemeanor crimes as minor as trespassing or disorderly conduct.

So-called “hot people” are far more likely themselves, as a result of social ties and connections, to become the victims or perpetrators of similar crimes.

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Obama: Four More Years of Racism

It was bad enough that conservative blowhard Ann Coulter called Obama a “retard,” but now that Obama has soundly thrashed Mitt Romney to re-claim the White House, angry bigots are coming out of the shadows.

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Rep. Jackson Should Come Clean

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. owes his loyal constituents something he hasn’t offered them lately: Honesty.

"To slap us in the face now, you just lied to us," Chicago Alderwoman Carrie Austin told reporters Thursday. "You just lied to us. I feel so betrayed."

Click here to read more about the latest on the Jesse Jackson Jr. scandal.

Secession From U.S.? Dream On

Didn’t we settle this question 147 years ago? Lately, it seems that all it took was the re-election of a black president to make a lot of white people set history aside, as well as practicality and common sense.

Click here to read more on the seemingly senseless backlash from the election.


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