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Dear Mr. Joyner,

i am a single mother of three children; ages 16, 13, and 11. My 16- year- old daughter is a junior in high school and is ranked in the top ten percent of her class. My 13 and 11- year- old sons both suffer with adhd, which at times is very difficult to handle. My eldest son and i were both victims of a violent situation in which my youngest son witnessed. This caused my sons to become withdrawn, angry and have more discipline problems.

I am a full-time cosmetology student and i also work a full-time job. We live very paycheck to paycheck without anything above the bare necessities. Most of the time I have to decide which household item to sacrifice in order to survive. Last week, my children and I were brokenhearted when we came home and found that our apartment had been vandalized. The majority of all of the things taken belonged to my children and they were inconsolable. The thief also stole money that i had put aside to pay the utility bill. This past weekend because of their callus actions, our lights were turned off and the children and I were forced to stay with my mother.

Tom, my wish is to give my children a Christmas holiday they can remember. Right now, i am unable to provide them with proper clothing to go to school and with the recent loss of their video games and electronics, they are feeling hopeless. I want them to know that our situation won’t always be this difficult and that mommy is working hard to provide a stable home. So, if you could just make sure that they receive a few things on their must-have Christmas list and a few items they desperately need, like winter clothes, their optimism will be restored.  

  Yours Truly,

      Rentia James

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