Rihanna apparently wanted to get some new ink on the side of her face last month, but her tattoo artist refused to go through with it.

The singer already has an extensive collection of tatts, including stars on her back, a revolver on her torso, and a large image of ancient Egyptian goddess Isis between her breasts as a tribute to her late grandmother, who died in June.

Rihanna has now revealed she made another trip to a tattoo parlor in New York City last month to get one on her face, but the man in charge refused to carry out her request.

“The tattoo artist said ‘Nope, I’m not gonna do it because if you’re looking at your face, it’s right there staring at you,’” she tells GQ magazine. “Life can be such a d**k sometimes, right?”


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4 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Rejects Rihanna’s Request for New Face Tatt

  1. Why would ANYONE want a tatt on their FACE!!! These people are crazy. Wasn’t Mike Tyson the first big name to get one? Money can’t buy these people happiness. They aren’t happy with themselves so they resort to stuff like that to be satisfied and fulfilled as human beings. CRAZY!! Rhi Rhi is beautiful (crazy, but beautful), she doesn’t need that anyway.

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