In Chicago, CBS Local is reporting that Democratic US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. could be vacating his office as part of a plea deal, which may also include jail time.

The embattled politician is represented by a former US attorney who is negotiating with the federal government.

The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs.

At the center of negotiations is white-collar criminal defense attorney Dan Webb, who served as Chicago’s top federal prosecutor in the 1980s, when several Cook County judges were indicted for public corruption under the “Operation Greylord” investigation.

Webb, the chairman of Winston & Strawn LLP in Chicago, has been the point person for Jackson in talks with the U.S. Justice Department in Washington.

The tentative deal includes:

– Jackson resigning for health reasons.

– His pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds.

– Some jail time

– The congressman’s repayment of any contributions that were converted to personal use, such as home furnishings, improper travel or gifts

Watch video below.

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4 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Jr. Rumored Plea Deal Includes Resignation and Jail Time

  1. wandita1 on said:

    Little wonder why all the reports about his mental health were leaked to the press It looks like he probably was suffering from a nervous breakdown just thinking about the entangled mess that lay ahead of him. It just goes to show that even the best of us can and often do make mistakes that we live to regret.

  2. TigreNoir on said:

    Didn’t Jr, know that you must be “Obama Clean” to practice politics without getting burned and being “owned”? He needs to join the Republican Party – they know how to manipulate the funds.

  3. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    What a set up… sick…. leave of office…. sick ,,,,plea deal,,,,just like white people…and now jail time……BLACK PEOPLE WE CANT KEEP DOING THIS.

  4. veronicaj on said:

    It is unfortunate that Junior believe he would not get caught. The price of not being a respectful uplifting person is heavy. I was 100% sure he was guilty when he claimed bi-polar. He was setting it up (like chess) to think ahead. I told everyone watch he go to jail because he is guilty. I guess he is truely he fathers son.

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