Headlines this week have been dominated rightfully by the re-election of President Barack Obama but while everyone this week was glued to newspapers and national news stations, juicy gossip was flying under the radar. Here are the best Gossip headlines of the week in case you missed it:

The woman allegedly behind the Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada drama sparked a twitter beef that had all parties airing their emotions and dirty laundry across the web. Read the full story here.

Michael Wright best known as "Eddie King" or "Eddie Kane" of the "Five Heartbeats" was arrested this week after crashing his car into a police car while driving drunk. Read the full story here.

Since having Baby Blue Ivy, Beyonce has shed her shell and shown her fans a more down-to-earth side. "Queen B" has used Tumblr to provide her fans a behind the scenes look at her everyday life. This week she launched her "BaddieBey" Instagram account where she decided to represent her love for President Barack Obama. See photos here.

Jermaine Jackson loves to be different. Whether it's his curly gelled mini-high top, naming his son Jermajesty, or having kids with his brother's ex-girlfriend; Jermaine walks to his own beat. Now to top it off, he has decided to change his name. Find out what he's changing it to and why here.

"My President is Black, My Lambo is Blue" has become the signature line when people boast about President Barack Obama. The song was created by Young Jeezy four years ago, it even caught the attention of President Obama himself. After Obama's re-election, Young Jeezy released "We Done It Again" the re-election anthem. Check out the song and let us know what you think of it here.

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