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My mother strongly believes that we are our brother’s keeper and that caring for others is our responsibility as human beings. During my twenty-nine years as her daughter, my mother has always been a giver.   She would take the neighborhood kids to the movies and special events when their parent’s couldn’t afford to. When her sister’s house burned down, without a thought she took her and her children in.    

My mom is a remarkably strong woman.  When my parents split, because of my father's drug addiction, she would never let her three daughters say a bad word about him. Remarrying, she continued her philanthropic ways.    She has taken in two nephews and a niece when their mothers were not able to care for them.  She also came to the rescue when her new husband's ex-wife died of cancer, leaving behind two children.  She welcomed them into her home and treated them as her own. She has been the very best person I know and I would nominate her for sainthood— if she didn't curse.   

Tom, right now we have eight people co-existing in our household. That includes three teenage kids, three young adults in their twenties and our parents.  We all produce a whole lot of laundry. about eight months ago, my mother’s washer and dryer went caput from all the wear and tear.  Unfortunately, we can’t afford to have them replaced.  My Christmas wish is for my mom to have a new washer and dryer, which she desperately needs.

Yours truly,

  Shameica Gardner