Jada Pinkett Smith must have heard the whispers about her kids. Don’t act like you don’t think the same things – why is her not-even-a-teen-daughter shaving her hair? What’s up with the gay pride messages? Is that a piercing? Yeah, everyone is guilty.

The actress, mother and wife chatted with People magazine about her controversial parenting style.

“I think that old-school style of ‘I’m your parent and I’m greater than you’ doesn’t work,” she recently told People magazine. “What I establish with my children is a partnership,” says Jada, whose two younger kids are in show business. Her stepson, Trey, hasn’t expressed any Hollywood aspirations yet.

The Smith children have been intentional about expressing themselves and establishing their own identity in the industry; with their flamboyant styles, loud colors, wild haircuts and message laden music.

But that’s the way Will and Jada raise the kids – with the freedom to express.

When “instilling in [Willow] the power for individuality, we communicate with our kids in a way that our message overpowers any other message that they get out there,” she says.


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6 thoughts on “Will and Jada Raising Their Kids with the Freedom to Express Themselves

  1. wandita1 on said:

    I’m not loving that “partner” concept. In life, there are boundaries – whether we want to acknowledge that they’re there or not. Give a child the freedom to do any thing they want and they’ll come to resent you as a parent for allowing it or act out in ways that are unbecoming. Fortunately for the Smiths, they have the money to buffer that bohemian attitude, but I know a place full of adults who were “given” the “freedom” to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted as children –
    It’s called a prison.

  2. coolbrz on said:

    The Smiths are not living up to THEIR job of being PARENTS! Perhaps their life-style has influence on this, I don’t know. What I DO know, is that they’re gonna be resented by their children. Kids don’t want a “partner”, they want somebody to love and protect them, a Mom and Dad. When they grow up they will surely feel cheated out of their childhood. And Will and Jada will reap what they sow!! I truly feel sorry for those children.

  3. eduadvocate on said:

    Well…I appreciate the Smiths and Jada and I were pregnant at the same time. My daughter Kelsie Star, is August, and Willow is Oct. Kelsie Star has that same “indie spirit” …I have allowed temporary expressions, and completely said “wait” until your older on many other whims of hers.

    Not that Jada needs defending, but I want to say given her lifestyle…Rock Star, busy etc. and similar husband life…it makes sense to allow the freedom because if not it can easily turn to angry rebellion. I know even though Willow is gorgeous growing up around white neighborhoods…you feel differently…so that would explain for me the need for such extreme expression. ATTENTION.

    My mom always told me to “save something for later.” I am sure Willow will transition into young adulthood in a 360degree turn.

    My daughter believes Willow needs a friend like her to let her know there are some nice black girls in the world who would appreciate her for who she is.

    Love to Willow the Scorpio and HAPPY BELATED Halloween Queen!<3

  4. Well, people have a right to raise their own kids as they chose. The proof of its success or failure will be when they become adults and how they live life.
    I was raised old school. My parents didn’t “partner” with me and let me “express” myself to this extent and I turned out pretty good. My partner was a belt or extension cord and it helped me to express myself accordingly!!! LOL!!

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