If you have reports of trickery, call 1-866-MY-VOTE-1.

– In Toledo, Ohio, that’s Lucas County, Ohio, the poll location at MLK Boulevard did not open on time.  Apparently a security guard was not there to open it up. 

-In Hennepin County, Virginia a machine changed votes from Obama to Romney and in Hennepin CH Reade School, the precincts changed, they combined precincts.  And now the machines can’t handle them.  They are switching to paper ballots at CH Reade School, and elderly voters are concerned that their votes will not count. 

– In Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Mercer Elementary School, Sugar Heights, scanning machine is down.  In Franklyn County, Scottwood Elementary School, two out of the six machines down. 

-Back to Lucas County, District 18 not accepting votes as of 7:17 a.m. and in the new battleground state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Langdon Carnell Middle School, there is no power at the poll location, and in Philadelphia County District 14 the Ralph Bunche Recreation Center, no election judge, not allowing voters to vote. 

-We’re also getting a bunch of calls and these are the calls we got before during the early vote of ex-felons in Florida not being able to vote, and these are ex-felons who were able to vote for Obama back in 2008.

– In Florida, Miami, Florida, Northwest Third Avenue machines are down.  In Broward County, Florida military trainees at a technical school were told they can’t vote. 

– In Fulton County, Georgia, West Oakland Baptist Church, on Violet Street, 200 people in line, one machine down. 

-On to South Carolina, Richland County, South Carolina, three machines down at the Kaufman Road Precinct. 

– Richland County Jewish Center, six machines total, two machines down.  Richland County, South Carolina, polls not open, banged on doors, were told that the machines were down.  People in line were left with no information. 

– On to Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Ward One, Cleveland, Ohio, Bendt Baptist Church, machines are down.  Cuyahoga County, Glennville area at the library, machines down, paper ballots are being used.  And again, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio Euclid Indian Hills voting site, the scanners are down. 

-And now to our texts.  Miami County, Ohio, 177 voters did not receive absentee ballots.  The election workers called them last night and told them in order to vote they had to come in person.  If you are voting in – sorry, they’re having technical difficulties with printers in polling stations in District Heights, Maryland. 

-The polls open at 7 a.m. in Maryland and now none of the machines are working at the Francis Scott Key Elementary School in District Heights. 

– In Florida, Miami, 10400 Northwest Eighth Avenue, there have been lines there since 6:30 and the machines are down.  Also in Miami Dade, the majority of the calls we’re getting are about absentee ballot issues.  I think Miami Dade has an absentee ballot problem because we are now getting calls from folks saying that they didn’t get their absentee ballots in time, so they’re taking the ballot down to the poll location and to the boards of election and trying to file their absentee ballot in person.  Remember, if you are a registered voter prior to 2008 the match does not apply to you.  The board of elections and the local poll locations comparing your ID to an ID they have in their database.  If you are a registered voter before 2008 it does not apply to you.  And remember the address on your residence and the address of your voter registration card do not have to match.  If you are being thrown out because of a match in Florida, demand to file a provisional ballot.  There is over an hour and a half wait to vote in some precincts in Miami Dade.  Some have only one machine.

-In South Carolina., they’re telling people to vote the democratic ticket and the President separately. Folks are worried that if they vote twice their votes are going to be counted out.  

-There are reports about Florida’s no match law, which prevents voter applicants from becoming registered to vote if the state can’t match their driver’s license, their Florida ID or the last four digits of their social security number to a record in the state’s databases. Two things Florida voters need to know about the match:  First, the no match law does not affect voters who are registered by September 8th, 2008.  So if you were registered before the last Presidential election, the no match vote does not apply to you.  Second, the address on your driver’s license does not need to match the address you used to register to vote. 

-You cannot vote online in Cleveland, Ohio.  You cannot vote online in Florida.  You cannot vote online in Virginia.  Any ad that tells you you can is simply fraudulent.

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6 thoughts on “Ken Smukler’s Trickery Report

  1. cnora2 on said:

    In the State of Alabama, my daughter was informed by a pollster that she could select the Alabama Democrat oval and the OBama oval and her vote would count. Isn’t that the same as voting twice and your vote won’t count. Alabama kept the Republican embelm (elephant) and wrote out Alabama Democrat without the embelm. This would be confusing for some voters who would select based on the a embelm.

  2. suzyq54 on said:

    East Palo Alto California. Not enough envelopes for Provisional Ballots. Voters are having to wait for more envelopes to be delivered. Poll workers are not helping voters find their proper precinct to vote in and just tell them to vote provisional. Lots of people showing up without their mail in ballots, and they are not being advised to go home and get the ballot, again being told to just fill out Provisional. Long lines, and surprisingly not enough Pens to fill out ballots. I don’t think it is a organized effort to suppress the vote, just not training the workers very well.

  3. imokruokok on said:

    So I was going to vote today at approx 4:30 at School 11 (Poplar street academy) located at 100 Poplar Ave. Buffalo, NY. 14211. To prepare myself for the voting process I went to the following website:
    Which I got to from here: http://www.elections.ny.gov/
    From that site I learned that Erie County will be using the ES&S DS200 Ballot Scanner. I also learned that the selections should be filled in completely and not marked with a check mark or X. The video stated that a special permanent marker would be provided. The ballot scanner may not correctly register your vote choices made with any other type of marking device.
    When I arrived to vote I asked a worker about the marker. She had no idea what I was talking about and said I should not believe everything I see on the internet. She said the pens provided will work. (Bic Round Stic)

    I went to the private voting booth and it was posted that an X or check mark can be used.The posting contradicts the video. It says you can mark an X or check mark and that would be acceptable. I of course completely filled in the circle but some may not have. Workers were not checking for that while I was there. Will my vote choices correctly register since I used a pen other than the one the video stated?

  4. Machines are down again…no ballots in Pembroke Pines??? Friends called me from another location informing me that machines are down there as well. That site is collecting ballots and told them they will get entered later. This is a complete mess. Why is this in the “swing states” moreso than others? Hmmm…

  5. ronjula on said:

    this is worst than voting in the 1964, and these need the U.S.Attorney General’s Office to dispatch officers to investigate why this is happening

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