Chris Paul tells us what celebrity should be concerned about being sued as well. Plus more on Chris Brown's wild costume, Cee-Lo Green, and a nasal spray just for women.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

Chris Brown is once again causing outrage after he dressed up as a terrorist for Rihanna’s big Halloween bash.  Chris Breezy wore a beard and a turban and he carried a fake assault rifle.  And Chris’s costume prompted there real terrorists out here to say, ‘whoa, whoa, we don’t beat our women.’

A Chinese man sued his wife for being ugly, and he won.  A judge awarded Chin Fang $120,000 because his wife is legally unattractive.  Man, if I was Maria Shriver I wouldn’t open any new mail from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lawyers.

A new nasal spray is being tested that researchers are calling the female Viagra.  One spray up each nostril will get the woman moist and ready.  By the way the spray bottle is 9 inches long.

Contrary to reports the woman approaching of Cee Lo Green of sexual assault is not a restaurant employee.  She says that she was his dinner date at the restaurant and that Cee Lo sexually assaulted her over dinner.  But Cee Lo Green denies this accusation.  As a matter of fact C. Lo said, ‘I see you running around town accusing me of assault, I did not touch you.  You know my arms are too short to even reach across that table, I didn’t touch you.’


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