Three months after his untimely death, legendary actor Sherman Hemsley still has not been buried.

Hemsley died on July 24, however, according to a funeral home employee Hemsley remains at the San Jose Funeral Home in El Paso, Texas.

The funeral home claims they are waiting for a court order to find out what to do with his body.

In August, reports surfaced that his best friend & "business partner," Flora Enchinton, and his alleged brother, Richard Thornton, were fighting over his estate which is worth  a reported $50,000.

Now a another man, Reverend Michael George Wells, claims he is the cousin of Hemsley and says he and his family are entitled to a piece of Hemsley's estate. Wells says the other parties claiming to be relatives or close to Hemsley are illegitimate.

“What the media needs to know is that Sherman Hemsley’s body being in the refrigerator for this amount of time is unnecessary and uncalled for. He could have been buried with his family within a week or ten days of his passing,” Wells told a news outlet.

Wells also believes Hemsley's estate is worth more than $50,000, saying the reported value is incorrect.

Until the various parties are able to settle their dispute, Hemsley will remain unburied.

A representative for Hemsley has yet to comment on the story.


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7 thoughts on “Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried Three Months After Death

  1. ladyachill on said:

    That is so SAD, and terrible, that people would be so cold hearted, and money grubbing, to do someone like that; and he was suppose to be their loved one?

    For him, I am truly hurt because that’s all they think of him, that he can’t even rest in peace.
    I wonder if he even liked them gold diggers! Probably didn’t

  2. ladeluver on said:

    That’s way it’s very,very important in the Black community to get Wills prepared.! Make out Living Trust, get Life Insurance for your families that way you’re not sitting in limbo, instead of Resting in Peace!!!

  3. africanwarrior on said:

    Where is all The Money He earned? Only $50,000 Left?
    Wow ! Just because stars are talented doesn’t make them financial wizards.
    Too many African American Super Stars end up broke (80% End Up Broke).
    Learn from Magic Johnson and Ophra.

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