A somber and visibly angry Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) held a press conference during which he slammed Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford and praised President Barack Obama for their handling of the ferocious superstorm devastating the East Coast.

Despite Christie’s warnings to evacuate the state to avoid Hurricane Sandy, Langford advised Atlantic City residents to stay and ride out the storm. They are now trapped with no rescue in sight until possibly morning.

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2 thoughts on “Gov. Christie Credits President Obama’s Storm Response

  1. TonyB25 on said:

    I’ve never been a Chris Christie fan, for obvious reasons (His backing and endorsing Romney, his constant bashing of My President, He’s Republican, etc.) but I have a new respect for him for praising President Obama during this disastrous storm that devastated New Jersey, New York and the other states in the line of Sandy. Unlike any other Republican in this country, Christie actually had something nice to say about President Obama which left me speechless because EVERY Republican I’ve heard since the President has been in office has been condemning, offensive, damning, criticizing, crucifying and outright lying. I’m a 49-yr old Black Man and I’ve never seen a presidential candidate (Romney) tell outright lies during his campaign (the latest, Jeep closing in Ohio to make cars in China, President Obama was going to allow GM in Michigan to go Bankrupt, he cares about ALL Americans, (47% fiasco), etc.) Romney has taken the cake. How can Republicans say President Obama is the worst president ever when they had a Nixon, who was impeached and forced out of office and Bush who pushed us into 2 wars and a recession that nearly put us in a depression and increased our deficit so high, it will years to decrease and who also asked for and received multiple Stimulus Packages, asked and begged for by VP running mate, Paul Ryan that also added to the deficit? I know I got off the subject of Christie but it ties in because the entire Republican party has been soooo critical of My President but then Christie showed me that there maybe 1 person in that party that can be objective and see that THIS President isn’t a phony, fake, lying puppet that the Republican party is offering America.

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