Bobbi Kristina is nearly home free to play with her $20 million inheritance.

Grandmother Cissy Houston has backed off her stronghold of Whitney Houston’s money and giving the singer’s only child what she wants.

After the singer passed, Cissy and Pat Houston filed legal papers to keep the 18-year-old from spending the money irresponsibly and too soon.

The court ruled that she would receive the funds in three different waves: 10 percent when she turns 21 (that’s $2 million), a bit under 20 percent at the age of 25 ($4 million to set up for adulthood), and the remainder after she turns 30 ($16 million).

However, the case has been dismissed since Bobbi and Cissy couldn’t reach an agreement, reports TMZ. But Whitney’s original plans for the payout have gone unchanged.

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11 thoughts on “Cissy Houston Releases the $20 Million Inheritance to Bobbi Kristina

  1. mspattymelt on said:

    Sending prayers that she uses her ‘own’ head and not allow the negative influences to cause her the same fate as her mother……she is definitely young and impressionalble…..stay close to Oprah, Tyler P and others of the like young lady or this world is going to ‘EAT’ her alive!!!!!!!! thats all her grandmom and aunt can do is LET GO AND LET GOD!!!!!! He can take care of her better than anyone else can IF she let him…………………………

  2. wandita1 on said:

    Let’s hope and pray that we don’t hear nor see Bobbi K on some reality show, busted and broke, in a drug induced haze saying that she needs “to poop a poop”

  3. winterone on said:

    Lord protect her from herself!! I pray she doesn’t destroy herself with it. Money tends to intensify whatever state you’re in.

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