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Shi'dea Lane joins the TJMS this morning to defend her part in the altercation with Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes.

She was involved in one of the most watched internet videos of 2012 when she was hit with an uppercut by Hughes.


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8 thoughts on “Shi’dea Lane: I Didn’t Spit on the Bus Driver

  1. KBBrown on said:

    Also, if the bus driver was in the wrong for hitting Shidea Lane, why didn’t the police arrest HIM at the scene? He was asked if he wanted to press charges on HER, but he chose not to. She wasn’t given that choice.
    Why are you asking her what she thinks happened when everyone can see what happened (and hear what happened)?

  2. KBBrown on said:

    Jacque Reid, you saw the video right? Why are you trying to excuse the behavior of Shidea Lane? CLEARLY she was in the wrong from what the video showed. The bus driver didn’t get up and hit her until she hit him first. She should have NEVER been in his face and we can hear clearly hear her threaten to beat him, his granddaughter, and his mother up while he was still sitting down driving the bus!

  3. BLACKSTARENT on said:

    Did anyone bother to ask this young lady why at the time of her arrest she listed her address as an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center? Didn’t she also deny that she was drunk? Did she not also imply that she had moved out of Cleveland because of the circumstances surrounding this incident? The witnesses and video clearly contradict her account. It would appear to be a prudent step to thoroughly examine this young woman’s background, as it would assist in providing much more clarity than we could glean from that interview.

  4. jayanderson_06 on said:

    LMFAO. I’m sorry but she is lying. I don’t believe a man should hit a woman. Now ppl do need to preach about women don’t need to hit a woman. I’m tired of this. You say men shouldn’t hit a woman but you don’t say women shouldn’t hit a man. Why is that? She didn’t answer the question. She know why the man stopped the bus. She should’ve say her piece and sit down.

  5. brownsweetie33 on said:

    Girl did you see the video? This is crazy she is an out right liar! She is not going to get anything, RTA should have been a shame for saying they are sorry. That man should get his job back, and she should keep her spit and hand to her self. Next time she may step to the wrong person and get more than she did this time. I believe that a man should not hit a woman, you when you open you nasty mouth to spit ALL bets are OFF!

  6. Gerald1963_1 on said:

    I listened..I looked.. I looked again.and I watched..and I listened…slowly..and I heard her being directed to answer only this and that and to lie to make her case more believable. But as the older folks taught us…scratch a line…find a thief…and a thief…is nothing short of ..a liar

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