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Things have swung in the favor of NFL legend and sports commentator Deion Sanders after a judge decided that he and his wife's pre-nuptial agreement was rock solid.

Pilar claimed that the document had been forged and extra pages had been added to the agreement after she originally signed it.

Pilar was asking for the prenup to be thrown out but the judge decided there was no evidence of fraud, saying Pilar in fact willingly signed the prenup.

Pilar's lawyers say that, "Deion never intended this to be a lifetime commitment." and in turn "tricked and defrauded" Pilar.

According to reports, Pilar signed a $100,000 signing bonus when she signed the prenup.

Deion's attorney contests if the marriage was a fraud, Pilar should annul the marriage and give back the $100,000.

Pilar says Deion's actions are all out of greed because his status is fading and he's trying to hold onto what he has.

While Deion claims Pilar was all about the money from the start.

Either way, the judge has heard Pilar's case for the third time, saying he does not want to bring this problem back to his court again.

Pilar is now asking for a new judge.

Deion celebrated his win via Twitter writing:

"Boy I wanted to get up and do my dance today in court! I always told you a lie has No endurance and the Truth will win in the end! Yes Lawd"


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