So, what should determine whether a person remains in college or not? Grades? Of course. Conduct? I’m with that. Money? Well that’s a tricky one. Of course it costs lots of money to get a higher education and it’s getting more expensive all the time. Somebody has to pay for it, that’s for certain.

But what should never happen, in my opinion, is for a student with good grades who his doing his or her best, to have to drop out of college soley because of lack of money. It’s one thing not to get there in the first place. It’s a whole other thing to be enrolled and on your way to a degree only to discover that you’ve run out of money.  But it happens all the time. That’s why our cause at the Tom Joyner Foundation is to raise money to help kids remain enrolled at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We’ve done a good job so far having raised $60 million dollars.

We don’t do it alone. We do it with people like you who realize they may not be able to make a huge monetary contribution on their own, but that when they make a small sacrifice it makes a huge difference. We understand that and not only do we appreciate every donation big and small, we are always looking for ways to help people contribute. Most of us want to give back. We are just looking for opportunities where we know our dollars are going to good use .

Allstate’s “Quotes for Education” is a perfect way to give back and get something in return…and it’s easy. Every time you get a quote from a participating Allstate agent, $10 is designated to the Tom Joyner Foundation to support HBCU students.  It’s a way for you, your family members, friends, co-workers, etc. to partner in making someone else’s life better.

I’m so glad when big companies like Allstate not only are willing to contribute, but they want to make sure they’re doing it in a way that empowers others.

That’s why we’re in partnership with Allstate. There are a lot of companies out there that would love to get a chance to get in front of our audience of loyal consumers with money to spend. It’s our job to make sure that the advertisers we do business with not only share our vision, but also find ways to serve our community.  Allstate fits the bill by offering win-win programs like “Quotes for Education.”

But here’s the thing.  The only way “Quotes for Education” will be successful is if we participate.  We have to support the advertisers, like Allstate, because that let’s them know they’re making the right decision by advertising on our show,, sponsoring the Tom Joyner Family Reunion  and other TJMS events.  Without them we couldn’t do any of the things we do, including broadcasting our show every morning.

So, if you want to help kids stay in school like I do…and find out whether you’ve got the best insurance deal with no obligation to make a purchase, get a “Quote for Education,” today.  Not only will it send money to HBCU students, it will send a message to partners like Allstate that they’ve made the right decision by advertising on our show.

Thanks Allstate and thanks to all of you who have used “Quotes for Education,” and those of you who will get a quote today.

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14 thoughts on “Quotes for Education

  1. concernedVirginian on said:

    This morning while listening to the Tom Joyner morning show in Richmond, Virginia, I heard an ad for Mitt Romney. I couldn’t believe it. The leading black radio station in Richmond was supporting the Romney campaign by running his ads. I immediately sent Tom Joyner a text and his response was that he couldn’t tell the affiliates what to do. And that I sould contact the local station. I did, and they said that the FCC forced them to accept and run the ad. That is such a LIE. If you accept the ad, the FCC may have regulations that say you must run the ad or return the money but they cannot force the station to sell the spot to anyone!

    I am so disappointed in Tom Joyner. It not like we don’t already have enough problems here in Virgina with that idiot Eric Cantor. But this, this is a slap in the face to African Americans in Virginia. What, we’re so stupid we won’t notice that you’re supporting Romney by running his ads? Shame on you Tom Joyner and KISS FM Richmond. Shame on you. And Tom, be sure to tell President Obama that is not personal, its just about the money!

  2. blackmagic on said:

    HSBC Europe has done more for you than you have for them. They wrote off more losses than those run down institutions have won…. The subpar colleges are miseducated these kids these days.

  3. SoulProducer on said:

    On November 6, 2012, citizens of the United States will get the distinct honor of choosing their government representatives. Millions will participate in the democratic process that will determine the future of this country.

    While some proclaim that this election is about going back, the nature of life, as created by the Master, only has one direction…Forward. You don’t get a “do-over” for yesterday. Once born, you can’t return to infancy. The clock doesn’t move backwards. The sun doesn’t move from the west to the east. Everything moves forward.

    So in reality, we only have one choice, and that is to move forward. Gone are the days of legal segregation, bias, and discrimination. Why would anyone want to go back to that? This country has become a much stronger nation because of the inclusion all people, instead of the exclusion of some. Why would we want to go back to a weaker state?

    Life, by design, has only one direction, and that direction is Forward. It is designed that way so that everyday becomes an opportunity for you to be more. The Master wants your life to be abundant, and gives you a new day everyday to be all that you can be.

    So on this Election Day, we must recognize that life only moves Forward. That is the only option.

  4. movingquote on said:

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  5. EBARNES on said:

    First, I have done nothing but tell the truth which is obvious something that you do not want to acknowledge. Therefore, I will direct you to the Following Presidential Executive Orders on HBCU Initiatives:

    EO 12232-CARTER
    EO 12320-REAGAN
    EO 12677-BUSH, SR.
    EO 13256-GW BUSH
    EO 13532-OBAMA

    Read them, compare them, then analyze them, after which you should go to the Department of Education’s website and see for yourself that there has not been a Budget Submitted by the Adisory Board or the Executive Board of the Initiative under President Obama. And while on that site look and see for yourself the truth . And finally, I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama before integration. Idrank from Colored Water Fountains, and I paid my money in the front of the bus only to get off and enter through the side. So, I am one of those people who you you say that I disgrace. But in reality, it is this Administration’s Initiative on HBCUs that is the disgrace, a shame, and a flowery Executive Order that isn’t worth its ink, and yes, I am disappointed that the HBCUs have been treated and ignored in this manner. So who speaks truthfully for them in this matter? Me, an African American Black Colored Alabama Negro because it was the Negro who indured the degredation to set people like you free from segregation and humiliation and who gave you the opportunities that you now enjoy, and don’t forget it the next time that you speak without having the facts.

  6. Its a real shame that E Barnes demeans the President due to a few words on HBCU’s. So, I guess you will vote for Romney. That’s great because he will get rid of all the Pell grants and many Black students will not be able to attend school at all. Worse yet, you will not vote and disgrace all the Black folks that fought and died to give you that right. This is why we have such a problem with our race. You act like children and when you don’t get exactly what you want, you take your ball and run home

  7. EBARNES on said:

    I will not be voting for President Obama as a result of his watered down initiative on HBCUs which completely stripped th mandatory language for Congress to include the HBCU proposed budget in its yearly budget. In addition, I was not pleased to find that there is no longer a requirement for all sitting Presidents of HBCUs to be on the Board with the right to review and comment on any proposed HBCUs budget [which hasn’t been presented in four years]. In fact, if you would read, analyze and compare every Presidential Initiative on HBCUs since the first one that was created by Carter, then you will see that minus the flowery wording, President Obama’s Initiative on HBCUs isn’t worth the ink that prepared it, and therefore, as I personally find President Obama’s Initiative as an insult to HBCUs, I will voice my displeasure with President Obama’s kick in the pants to HBCUs through my vote. In fact, President Bush’s initiative showed more real concern for HBCUs than the one enacted by President Obama. So thank you again for what you do to enhance and preserve HBCUs and I thank AllState as well.

  8. Fredrick Henderson on said:

    Since its common knowledge that you are a devote supporter of President Barrack Obama, is it safe to say that you are in fact ON THE OBAMA BANDWAGON??

  9. Louis Farrakhan words:
    Have you visited China town, Korean town, Polish town, Greek town, Italian town or the Japanese they have built communities they own the houses, they own the businesses, they own the banks and they send their kids to many American colleges and they come back with that knowledge and keep expanding those communities. They are separate but a part of America. But look at us Black people a continuous cycle of non productivity of our own people and we were here long before any of those people. What is the purpose of education? It should help us not to be beggars of another people for the necessities of life, it should help us to create the necessities of life for ourselves and our people. Some black people say they don’t have a connection to their own people, but you can’t escape who you are. So we are going to picket to go to the white mans, schools, stores, theaters, banks and restaurants. And now Obama is begging to get a jobs bill passed and they are giving him hell and if passed how many of those jobs will come to us.( Black people are on some kind of new cloud). Peace CM.

  10. omega71 on said:

    Tom please get this information to the president. Romney has gotten off to easy about what he has said during the debates. The worse of these comments are about taxes. I was a tax accountant before I moved to management. When the lady asked the question during the twon hall debate about what deduction would he cut to balance his 20% tax cut part of his response was that “you could choose a number, let’s say $25,000” he went on to say that you could take all of the deductions that the lady listed and apply all of the ductions to that limit, mortgage interest, charitable contributions, child care benefits, education benefits, up to $25,000. And then (this is the good part) he said “but you wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on interest income, dividen income or capital gain income”. So the $20 mil in capital gain income that he made last year and only paid 14%, now he is saying that he and his friends would now pay no taxes. What was not spelled out was that a number of middle class families have mortgage payments of over $2,000 per month, with most of that going to mortgage interest. Mutiply that by 12 months and that’s most of your $25,000 limit right there. This dosen’t count child care expense, charitable contributions, education, on and on. Why is there a limit on dedutions that help the middle class but no limit on the tax free income for capital gains. How many people in that audiance would prefer a mortgage interest decution over tax free capital gain income. Tell his people to look at the tape and run this staement as an ad along with the ad that shows him saying that 14% tax on capital gain income is fair. Whoever get this please try to pass it on to the president before it’s to late.

  11. sacha l bois on said:

    why dont i see any news on your site Tom Joyner about the black women in LA setting herself on fire and then blaming the KKK for doing it to her i wonder

  12. sacha l bois on said:

    why dont i see any news on your site Tom Joyner about the black women in LA setting herself on fire and then blaming the KKK for doing it to her i wonder

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