New reports say Mitt Romney lied under oath during his friend’s divorce trial.

The presidential candidate testified in the 1990s divorce trial of his friend and Staples founder Tom Stemberg. Stemberg’s wife Maureen Sullivan Stemberg claims that Romney lied in order to prevent her from getting what she financially deserved.

Romney allegedly downplayed the company’s success during the trial to make it seem as if it was still in the developmental stages.  Romney financially backed Staples through Bain Capital.

"I didn't place a great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company's future," Romney said.  

The divorce concluded with Maureen receiving very little.  She also said that shortly after the trial Romney and Tom cashed in their stock for more riches at Goldman Sachs.

Maureen, who suffers from MS and has battled cancer, also reported that her husband’s colleague visited her in the hospital to tell her Tom was cancelling her health insurance.

Tom is also one of Romney’s advisors on health care.

During the divorce, Tom won primary custody of the couple’s child claiming that Maureen was abusive.

Maureen has issued a bid in probate court to release Romney’s testimony during the trial.

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3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Lies For a Friend in a Divorce Hearing

  1. mafrha on said:

    Mitt is a liar and that’s what liars do, tell lies. The one thing except hiding his tax returns that Mitt has been consistent about is telling lies.

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