If President Obama loses this election, it won’t be simply because of the economy, or the deficit or any of the conventional wisdom that many pundits tend to fall back on.

It’ll be because white people rioted – in the ways that many of them have always rioted whenever black people or minorities begin to amass a degree of power or equality that makes them uncomfortable.

In the past, white people have rioted by abandoning neighborhoods, and depleting tax bases, whenever too many black people moved in. They’ve rioted by pulling their children out of schools when the student body became too black or too brown.

And now, it seems white voters are abandoning Obama – a group that he took painstaking measures to cater to by not appearing to be too pro-black – and flocking to Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

They’re flocking to him in numbers that could surpass the percentage of whites who voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980.

At 60 percent, that was the largest percentage in modern times. Now, more than three decades later, that scenario could repeat itself.


According to The Washington Post, four recent national polls show Romney winning white voters by margins of 20 percent or higher. If those numbers hold up, it will mean that Obama might have a tough time offsetting those gains with huge turnouts of black and Latino voters.

While it would be easy to blame the swing in the polls toward Romney on factors that have nothing to do with race, factors such as the lackluster economy and Obama’s dismal performance during the first debate, I don’t quite buy it.

I don’t quite buy it because right now, most polls indicate that people are feeling better about the economy. Also, I still don’t quite buy that one bad debate by Obama was enough to make that many folks change their minds.

That tells me that a lot of white people were looking for a reason – any reason – to vote for Romney.

I look at, for example, what’s happening in Florida. Right now, polls have Romney and Obama neck-and-neck, and some have Romney ahead.

But this is a state where Obama should be leading – especially since Romney and his vice-presidential pick, Paul Ryan, have plans to turn Medicare and Social Security into a voucher.

With its immense elderly population, you’d think that any plan to radically change those programs alone would be enough to easily put Florida in the blue column. But not here.

Again, it’s white people rioting.

And how do you explain people like Jeffrey Leonard in Defiance, Ohio? Obama’s auto industry bailout saved jobs for that town, yet Leonard told the Post that he’s undecided about whether to vote for Obama because he didn’t think it was the government’s responsibility to save General Motors and Chrysler.

This comes from a guy who is the city manager, and who possibly would have lost his own job had Defiance become a ghost town if the auto industry had dried up.

Or David Shomberg, whose job in a plastics factory is likely buoyed by the auto industry, but who says Romney might sway him because he’s concerned about federal debt and trouble overseas.

As if Romney has any real plans to deal with any of that.

Of course, most polls in Ohio show Obama holding on to varying leads, but in a state in which one in eight jobs are connected to the auto industry, their support for the president should be a no-brainer.

In fact, it ought to be a no-brainer to vote for the guy who helped save your job than the one who wrote that you should lose it.

That’s why I say that this presidential race has less to do with fears about this country’s economic destiny and more to do with its demographic destiny. It has more to do with worries about Latinos becoming the majority group, with blacks slightly behind, and what that might entail.

How else can you explain so much white support for Romney, a man who dissed half of the country – which includes a lot of them – as being lazy and dependent, who has no real record as a job creator as much as a job destroyer, and who is more about pandering than principle?

That’s why I’ve always viewed Obama’s ascendancy to the presidency not so much as a milestone, but a marker, in how far we’ve come in race relations.

And if white people turn out for Romney in Reagan-era levels, it’ll tell us just how far we still have to go.


Tonyaa Weathersbee is an award-winning columnist who is based in Jacksonville, Fla. Follow her at tonyaajw@twitter or visit her webpage and blog, “Tonyaa’s Take,” at www.tonyaajweathersbee.com.


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11 thoughts on “Why Obama Could Lose The Election

  1. cindycruz on said:

    Three points:
    1. Our President is losing now because, the economy needs fixing and our President has not presented a viable plan to fix it
    2. Latinos are abandoning President Obama
    3. Tonyaas elementary school theory goes right out the window.. consider this:
    2% of Blacks vote for the white guy
    40% of whites vote for the black guy

  2. FTSMITH on said:

    There is one factor that will give MY President a second term…PRAYER!! When the Federal judges ruled that certain states can use the voter ID law, only they can use it next year, that was from prayer. When the United States Supreme Court upheld Healthcare reform, with Chief Justice Roberts casting the deciding vote, that was from prayer. I agree that there are Whites that hate MY President, but I have seen a lot of Obama/Biden bumper stickers where I live that are driven by Whites. Pray that common sense wins over hatred.
    OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn’t have put this better myself. You have definitely brought to light what so many of us feel. President Obama is the most qualified of the two. And lets be honest here the President saved this country from a catastrophic financial nightmare created by the Republican President and party. Mitt Romney has changed his stance on just about every issue facing this nation and it is a slap in the face that regardless of his indecisiveness and his lack of substance the white population of America has dubbed him their guy. Well I will say this, should Romney win due to the rioting of the white population after a few of his policies start to take affect many white Americans will start to have buyers remorse.

  4. DoctorWill on said:

    Click the link to find PROOF related to your assertion that whites flocking to vote for Romney has more to do with worries about Latinos becoming the majority group, with blacks slightly behind. It is the SAME reason why republicans are going INSANE over the abortion issue. http://bit.ly/T1zCUV

  5. gwanedm on said:

    I think this election is more about conservative vs liberal or Left vs Right than it is white Americans vs people of color. You have to consider those factors as well.

  6. rhemasplace on said:

    The only thing robme knows how to do is flip flop….he does not have any viable plan to help this country…he doesn’t even like America….everything he and his family has ever done has been against the country…
    1) family flees to mexico to avoid prosecution for polygamy
    2) sends money over seas for tax havens/shelters to avoid paying taxes here
    3) pays as little taxes as he can (due to loopholes that he hasn’t said he will close)
    4) created company that closes American businesses and send the jobs over seas

    Yeah…I see how he is going to help America…NOT!!!!!

  7. cindycruz on said:

    1. The one thing I like is his energy plan….. millions of high paying American jobs, lower fuel costs, more money in our pockets than at the gas station, reduced imports from countries like Venezuela and the middle east.
    2. Reforming government to become more efficient
    3. Installing an Economic team that knows how to drive small business…. good for everybody and anybody who wants to go in business.
    4. Making regulatory agencies accountable

  8. cindycruz on said:

    1. The only reason the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% because 9,000,000 people gave up looking for work and are no longer counted. The true U6 unemployemnet rate exceedsa 15.6%
    2. 76% of Latinos voted for our President in 2008.. projections show it could be as low as 65% this time around… thats a significant drop.
    3. Houing market is still 60% below 2007 levels

  9. africanwarrior on said:

    Tonyaa has a good point Blacks 13% voter , Latinos for Obama 10 % voter , Gays & Transgendered 7% , White women For Obama 10%( 55% suppots him) , Asians for Obama 3%, White Men For Obama 7% (only 25% White Men Supports Him) Obama 50% Support ,Romney 50% . The Key is not the Popular vote but winning Key States Ohio , Wisconsin , Colorado, NM. Obama will win , Just get the turnout

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