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Many of us watched the debate last night and had strong feelings about the comments made by both President Obama and former Govenor Romney. As you know, Roland and I hosted our third digital debate watch special. And nearly all of our viewers and callers felt like the president didn’t just win the debate, but clearly illustrated who has the greater capacity to be the commander and chief. And beyond the foreign policy discussion, that is what Americans were looking for last night.

I listened to the candidates talk about China, the approach to the Islamic world, trade, the role of the military and diplomacy. I listened with an objective ear, because when I go into the voting booth, it will not be because of skin color or party affiliation. When I push the button, I will be voting for the candidate I believe is best for the country. And as I watched and listened last night about half way into the broadcast, I realized I was no longer watching a debate but a master class in how to “BE” the President of the United States. There was one teacher and one student and even the staunchest member of the GOP has to admit that Professor Obama schooled little Mitt.

I saw a president that talked with confidence, not anger. I heard a president that challenged flip-flopped remarks and untruths with deliberate and direct statements of facts, not attacks. In every debate, we have seen a new Mitt Romney and every debate we have seen the same President Obama. The strategies for both men shifted debate to debate, but while President Obama was laying out his accomplishments and vision for the United States, Mitt Romney has been deciding which Mitt he will actually decide to become in the event that the American people are so blind that they miss a critical point. President Obama is a man of conviction, who right and wrong, has the integrity to stand on those convictions. Mitt Romney is a man that looks to avoid conviction in the name of convenience. That is not what the American people, regardless of race, economic level or party need in the White House.

But after all that, this election is not between President Obama and Mitt Romney. It is Obama vs. Obama. And a nation is deciding if they trust the president for four more years. Many will say "no" and despite the poor showing of Romney, will vote for him anyway. Our country deserves better, we deserve a president that has vision, conviction and a track record of turning around what many could not. Do not let ANYONE confuse you about what this is election is about. Please get to the polls early if you can and mobilize EVERYONE you can on November 6th because there are too many people that don’t care about the election results. We must be as diligent and elect a president of the people who wants to serve all the people. You decide who that is. But after last night's debate, even Romney is voting for President Obama.

I’m Jeff and that’s my truth.


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