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Power couple Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert have just put their 12,402 square-foot mansion on the market after only a year.

According to, the couple purchased their French country-style home in September 2011 for between $3.4 and $6.9 million. It’s perfect timing to sell since the property value shot up to more than $7 million.

Their reps haven’t disclosed a reason for the sale, but more money is always good, right?

However, recently reported that there are rumors floating around that the two are filing for divorce; and that their issues don’t always show up during “Tamar & Vince” tapings.

Tamar hasn’t mentioned anything out of the ordinary, though. She mostly says adoring things about her man, and frequently posts romantic photos of them on Instagram.

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11 thoughts on “Tamar and Vincent Selling Mansion – Rumor Mill Says They’re Splitting Up

  1. louise greer on said:

    I believe she married him just to get to where she is today. If he was a warehouse worker ain’t no way in the hell she would have looked at him.

  2. Enna Easton on said:

    They have to both “get their lives”. It’s the nature of reality television. Not one reality television marriage has stayed together — not one (if someone knows of one, please let me know). Just praying that God help help them walk in wisdom and what’s really important.

  3. She has been using the big boy to get where she wants to get. Now that she is there. Its bye bye. She has no talent. she is loud and classless. Who cares about her besides her Mama

  4. I always thought that it was a mismatch, he wanted a trophy wife, the sister of at the time his number one rain maker and now she is no longer known as Mrs. Herbert she don’t want that for herself. Personally I think 2 things, Tamar needs to grow the heckie up and I always believed Vince had a honey on the quiet and when whatever between them is over with she will be on his arm and she will the exact opposite of Tamar and he will have a child within a year of being seen with that woman.

  5. steen_melinda69 on said:

    I just want to know what’s wrong with her Cheeks did she have some kind of surgery? They both need to go to church and try to save their marriage. You know it’s so easy to say good bye. It’s hard to work at a love you claim to have for one another under the eyes of GOD. You both need to go to church and pray.

  6. citi01 on said:

    People need to remember that they were friends for a long time. She didn’t just get this way…even her parents have mentioned this a few times on “Braxton Family Values”. I like for peolple to be who they are not who everyone else want them to be. She is loud, funny, and a bit dingy (at times) but that’s who she is. When there is an attractive BLACK woman with a less attractive man then she is a gold digger. It could be worse… he could have a white woman!!!

  7. trishpspgs on said:

    Tamar has a lot of issues and most of them are about her! I believe that she loves herself way more than she loves Vince. My reasons for this are: (1) Tamar refuses to start a family with her husband; she had the invitro procedure for egg extraction and looked into getting a surogate for child birth. Any woman who loves her husband would have babies the oldfashioned way, but Tamar is way too vain to change her body; this is not loving your husband, this is loving yourself too much; vanity is one of the original sins! (2) Tamar has a real big mouth! She talks way too much and is a poor listener when it comes to Vince. On the show, he has tried to get her to understand and listen to him but she either can’t or won’t. Her major concern is her “career” advancement, not trying to make the marriage work.

    I believe that Vincent has thought about all of Tamar’s selfish issues and he has now come to realize that she is just another user. His health is a major concern for him and he needs to come clean and try to become healthy. There is too much division in this family for it to ever be happy. Seems like Vincent has finally seen the light. Good luck to them both.

  8. vernitahart on said:

    I knew this was eventually going to happen. They want different things out of life. Vince wants a family and Tamar does not. Tamar wants fame and fortune. Now that she’s got that she no longer need Vince. He’s so much better off without her. He will find someone that wants the same things he does and will give him a family. Good Luck Vince, you’re a good man just not the one for Tamar

  9. loycetate on said:

    I say if not Tamar then who? Any man with his wealth is going to “appear” to have a wife just there for his money, I disagree. Tamar don’t take any stuff and with women willing to take her place and do anything, that is the attitude she has to have. What woman would not have a primadona attitude when you got it like that? I think Tamar’s love for Vince is sincere and that isn’t something you find after you gain wealth. I think Tamar was there when there was no lady gaga or mega millions although the signs were on the wall! I think Vince needs to lose some weight for his health and welfare not Tamar. Lobster and good eating can make you gain weight. So again brother’s if not Tamar who? Money is to be enjoyed so why not spend some and enjoy life, just don’t go overboard!I love the show and Tamar and Vince, have kids and try to make it work, the grass is not greener on the other side! OBAMA 2012

  10. Well, Tamar married him because he loved her and Vince married her because she cared about what he ate. That was their response when asked by the therapist why they were together. So they may be growing apart. Nevertheless, I wish them well either separately or united!

  11. Zabadread on said:

    Finally vincent have grown some balls,,to stand up to this free loading clown she just makes me sick all those braxston leaches that dont have a clue about womanhood other than smooching off of men…..wake up black brothers they might look fine but their heart is in the wrong place………..

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