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In 1992, father and son team Donald and Neil Levine set out to launch the Kenya doll, a historic brand of African-American dolls. The Kenya doll was one of the first dolls in major American release that was designed to reflect the appearance of black girls.

In 1996, due to failed licensing, the Kenya brand fell off the market. This November, the Kenya doll will re-launch, becoming the first doll in history to cross three platforms. The creators hope to make the new launch a Kenya movement among the widespread community.

Kenya will be attached to Project Pride, a cultural initiative designed to foster growth in the black community. Project Pride will carry a message of cultural awareness and family pride to schools across America through community events.

The Kenya doll will release in three skin shades and will include a bottle of hair lotion and styling kit. The brand's tagline is "Growing up proud, just like me." There will also be additional versions specifically for toddlers and tweens. The Kenya World collection will also include accompanying dolls, Kenya’s best friend Denise, boyfriend TJ and her little sister Keyshia. The entire Kenya World, LLC brand will later expand to include presentations in television, film, mobile applications and music albums.


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