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The cable network “Heart and Soul” is among the five new development titles for 2013 focused on young women in transition and the desires and interests of Generation O.

The show centers on Miami’s exclusive matchmaking agency for urban professional women called “Heart & Soul International,” which is run by the outspoken and outrageous Natalie Clarice.

After hand-picking and pre-dating suitable male candidates, she and her team of romance strategists provide customized relationship services to hopeful clients that want a lasting relationship. Viewers will watch as each over-worked and under-loved woman follows this expertise for the chance to find true love.

“Heart and Soul” is produced by Endemol, with executive producer Alex Duda.

The other shows added to Oxygen’s 2013 production slate are “Fat Girl Revenge,” “Funny Girls,” “Shotgun Weddings” and “Gorgeous And Guilty!”