Tyler Perry was in the news a few days ago for a new partnership with Oprah Winfrey and now he's back there for a good deed.

After Perry heard a news report about a local disabled Georgia woman having her customized Chrysler minivan stolen from her house, the star decided to jump in and help.

Alicia Day is 24-years-old and suffers from Cerebral Palsy. She uses a wheelchair and her van is crucial for transportation.

Perry contacted Day and told her he would replace her van.

The van cost almost $60,000 dollars, Day and her family chose a 2011 Volkswagen Amerivan.

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9 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Buys Disabled Woman New Van

  1. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Great for him this the type of help most people really need without having to good thr a lot of red tape,,,AND FOR THOSE WHITE PEOPLE TAGGED THIS AS HATE IT OF DONT CARE ,,,we see you stop raining on the party this was a good thing…..STAY OFF THIS WEB SITE,,,,,,,BLACK DONG GOOD….

  2. Know Thy Self on said:

    We don’t know if he told anyone or not but I do share your feelings of being grateful of people doing good deeds directly instead of indirectly. He’s probably not the one who told. Maybe the family of the recipient told. Who knows……heck with his publicity if had blood in his stool, we’d find out about it. Some celebs can enjoy living private lives and others don’t.

  3. mspattymelt on said:

    Greatful that there are still people out there doing good deeds directly to the NEEDY instead of taking it to the ‘storehouse’ and allowing it to usually end up serving the GREEDY! HOWEVER I thought when Jesus did good deeds he told them NOT to tell anyone? hummmm

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