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When we first heard that Mike Vick had gone through nearly $30 million since his 2008 bankruptcy filing, we thought we’d have to add his name to ever growing list of (black) athletes who have blown their fortunes.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has a happy ending in store.

Michael Vick has blown through nearly $30 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008 — nearly 95% of his total income, TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs filed in his bankruptcy case, Vick made $31 million since he went belly up — that includes his Eagles salary and various endorsements and other business ventures.

The math is pretty simple — Vick had to pay a total of $29.6 mil — of that, $10.9 went to taxes, $9.2 mil went to creditors, $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants, and the rest is for various things, including child support and living expenses.

All tolled, Vick is now left with around $1.5 mil. That’s nothing to sneeze at, but considering what he made it’s pretty shocking.

So there you have it, but as we said at the top, things are not all bad for Vick. He signed a 6 year, $100 million contract in 2011 with almost $40 mil in guaranteed money. Not to worry, he won’t be poor — in rich terms — for much longer.


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2 thoughts on “Michael Vick Has Spent Nearly $30 Million Since 2008

  1. redbone1954 on said:

    Good then whatever he earns from now on it will be his to do the right thing with then people and the IRS won’t be coming after him and saying he owns this and that seems as though all that is taken care of and he can finish the rest of his life with all the BS..Good Luck Mike keep your head up and keep your finances in check!!!

  2. loycetate on said:

    Good deal Vick! I have always been a die hard fan of Michael’s since he was a Falcon quarterback and he was one of the best out there. White folks got a way of reminding successful Black folks who hold the gold so when he was at the height of his career they come with the dog fighting charges to “show” him who was in charge such a bad rap. And his tenants didn’t have the foresight to take whatever the wrap was than send the breadwinner into the lions den, but Mike came out stronger, better, and more resolved than before! Although there were some lonely nights I am sure in a prison cell, God gave it back 10 fold, He never left you but allowed you to see who your real friends were. Now you got the government paid even if it took you had, don’t look back only ahead, don’t get hurt (lol) slide like Obama told you and run that 6 year course and then some!!!! Get that money! Die hard fan. OBAMA 2012

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