A 14-year-old Florida teen is accused of strangling her baby to death after giving birth in her family's bathroom.

According to reports, the teen went full term with her baby but her parents did not know she was pregnant.

When the teen realized it was time to give birth, she turned on the water in the bathroom and stuffed a towel in her mouth to keep the noise down while she gave birth to a 9.5 pound baby boy on September 19th.

She used scissors to pry the baby out of her and into the toilet.

The teen then checked for the baby's pulse, once she realized he was breathing, she choked the baby until he wasn't "breathing or moving anymore."

After, the teen bathed and stuffed the baby along with her dirty clothes in a shoe box and hid it in the laundry hamper.

Later in the day, the teen went to the hospital for treatment citing a miscarriage however, the hospital became suspicious and alerted police.

A couple of days later, the teen's mother noticed a pungent smell and discovered the dead baby in the teen's room when she then alerted police.

The teen was arrested this past Thursday and is in a Florida Juvenile Detention Facility.

Her mother might also face charges for neglect. Although she claims she was not aware of the pregnancy after the teen tested negative twice.


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4 thoughts on “14-Year-Old Strangles Baby to Death

  1. Johnnie Williams on said:

    We need to teach our daughters, make them know we love them, This is Horrible, but the teen’s mother cannot be held accountable for her daughter’s actions.

  2. YadaYada on said:

    This is why programs like planned parenthood is needed, A vote for Romney will mean more case like this. Too bad this childs mother was`nt more in tuned with her. She should have felt comfortable enough to talk with her mother. Sad.

  3. This is why HIV is so high among teenagers, because they’re having all types of unprotected sex. Girls need to be watched constantly, and I think the mother should be charged with neglect because if she had been paying attention to her child, she would have seen the girl was pregnant, plain and simple.

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