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Tom Joyner:  And now it’s time for the Celebrity Snitch Huggy Lowdown.  HUGGY!

Huggy Lowdown:  What’s the deal Pickles?  Is everything kosher?

Tom Joyner:  Yeah, everything’s kosher.

Huggy Lowdown:  Oh, joy!

Tom Joyner:  Huggy Lowdown.

Huggy Lowdwon:  Sybil Wilkes

Sybil:  Happy Friday, Hug.

Huggy Lowdown:  And Jay Anthony, what up?

J. Anthony Brown:  What up, Hug?

Huggy Lowdown:  How are you original referees doing today on Friday of September? They’re back!

Sybil:  Yay!

Huggy Lowdown:  Did y’all see the original referees get a standing ovation at the Ravens/Brown game last night?

J. Anthony Brown:  Yeah.

Sybil:  Yeah.

Tom:  Uh-huh.

Huggy Lowdown:  I haven’t seen Ray Lewis that happy since, you know what I’m saying?

I don’t even have to say it. I know one of those referees got them some face masks last night, all those groupies would’ve been happy to have them back.

You know they was getting some face masks, right?  Cleveland Brown can’t even blame the replacement refs anymore, because they asses is gone.  The Browns are zero and four.  The Browns sound like they need some replacement players.

Huggy:  Contender number one, the Washington Washington Football Team pass defense.

Sybil:  Whoa.

Huggy Lowdown:  The Washington Washington Football Team pass defense, I know y’all heard this, is the worst in the NFL.  Now they might need RG3 to play offense and defense.

Tom:  And defense.  

Huggy Lowdown:  Our defenses is getting so burnt up against the Bengals, the coach should’ve gave them some penicillin.

HL:  And our Quarterback, D’Angelo Hall, I don’t even call him D’Angelo no more, just Angelo, ‘cause he has no D.

HL:  Contender number two, the MPA.  That’s right, the National Pig Association, or Pork Association, or whatever you want to call it, for giving my mamma high blood pressure after they announced there’s going to be a shortage of pork and bacon, my mamma, Haddy G. Lowdown, ain’t been the same since hearing the shortage of pork bacon.

Sybil:  Haddy G. Lowdown?

Huggy:  Haddy G. Lowdown, y’all heard me.

She’s been buying bacon in the bulk like Gabourey Sidibe at a drive through window.

Sybil:  Oh, God!

Huggy:  Contender number three, Jay’s co-star, Ricky Smiley Show, Ray Jay.

Sybil:  Uh-huh?

HL:  So I pictures of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Ray Jay, aka the Money Team, in Diamonds of Atlanta strip club, spending fifty g’s on strippers.  Now I’m not raining on people’s parade for making it rain, but Ray Jay was spending, he wasn’t spending 50 g’s when Floyd was locked up, was he?

There wasn’t no sunshine on a cloudy day, it was cold outside when Mayweather was away.

Jay, you know damn well when you see headlines that say, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Ray Jay spend 50 g’s on strippers.  That really means Floyd spent $49,500 and Ray contributed about $500 dollars.

Sybil:  Right?

HL:  So the Money Team consists of Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the boxing empire, 50 Cent Rap Mogul vitamin water hustler, and Ray Jay, Brandy brother who knocked the boots of Kim Kardashian.  Okay.  That sounds like pretty good perks to me.

 So you, me and Jason start our own Money Team.  We might as well, instead of the Money Team call us the Scrillin’ Nilla’s.

Tom:  The Scrillin’ Nilla’s.

W:  I love it.

Huggy:  All that time with you, Mayweather and Jay’s 50, I must be Ray Jay!

Damn!  The replacement refs?  Y’all are the bamas of the week, week, week.  That’s right, I’m throwing a yellow flag for y’all tainting the game of football, you asinine nitwits!  And you know somebody gonna give ‘em a reality show, Here Comes The Replacement Refs.  Or The Replacement Refs of the NFL, or Love and the Replacement Ref.  Or The Last Call for the Replacement Refs.  But y’all are the bama’s of the week.  And I’m Ray Jay of the Scrilla Nilla’s.