A Happy Days star is now battling homelessness.  

Erin Moran, who played Richie Cunningham’s sister Joanie on the hit 1970’s show, was spotted leaving a Holiday Inn Express in Indiana with her husband Steve Fleischmann. It is rumored that the two were kicked out of a trailer own by Fleischmann’s mother because of Moran's partying habits.

The couple was previously living off a large CBS settlement Moran received for merchandise revenue.

Hotel managements are also having a hard time with the couple’s partying behavior.

“On several occasions the hotel management warned Erin to curb her unruly behavior," a news source reported. "But they finally had enough of her temper and demanded that she immediately leave the property."

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2 thoughts on “Happy Days Star is Now Homeless

  1. BamaCoder2010 on said:

    Girl! You know you are tooooooo old to act this way… GROW UP POTSY, FUNZY and MOUTH RALPH DID! What makes you think you don’t have to?

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