According to reports, Sandi Jackson, the wife of Jesse Jackson Jr. called the media who were sitting outside of her fundraiser at the Park 52 restaurant "jackals."

She said to the audience at her event, “The jackals are outside. Let them stay outside," referring to the media at her birthday/fundraiser party.

Jackson went on to tell the crowd, “We are family in here…it’s because of you all that I keep it going on.”

Before the end of the event, Jackson thanked everyone for the support they have given her husband, saying, “My husband is at home. He is feeling better.”

The event reportedly cost each guest $5,000 per ticket with approximately 200 guests in attendance.

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3 thoughts on “Wife of Jesse Jackson Jr. Calls the Media ‘Jackals’

  1. Yes. Sandi called them right. “Jackals” Because the news media treats a sick man like a criminal and a ‘ne’er do well! I live near Chicago and everyone who is Black knows that all the white media does is put a negative spin on their reporting of Jesse Jackson Jr, They hate him not because he has done anything wrong but, because he is Black and they want to “get him” It is the same old racial bias that they use to bring down prominent Blacks—-Accuse them of something then, try to convict! Senator Mark Kirk is also sick but, the racist media’s tone is exactly the opposite when reporting on him. Why? Simply because he is white. They are just as Sandi called them “JACKALS!” Why give interviews to haters!

  2. hadababyitsaboy on said:

    Yeah calling people names when they are investigating and folowing up on wrong doing by the “FAMILY”!!! Media coverasge is never a problem when you want it!!!

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