Daughter of the late Whitney Houston has been in the news a lot lately and now she's back there after having a car accident with god-brother/boyfriend Nick Gordon.

According to reports, Gordon was driving his black 2012 Chevy Camaro with Bobbi Kristina in the passenger side in Georgia when the couple began arguing which lead to the crash.

Gordon's car was the only car involved in the accident and no one was injured.

However, the car ended up with a missing tire, a deployed airbag, and the front bumper was torn off but the couple managed to drive the car back to their home.

The police are currently investigating the accident.

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3 thoughts on “Bobbi-Kristina and ‘Bro-Friend’ Nick Gordon in Car Accident

  1. chaquille on said:

    My mom died when I was young and I pretty much did whatever I wanted too….What I want to say to the “rich folks” who have contact with Bobby or Bobbi, get a hold of that girl and shake her….She really needs her father right now….I am assuming that they have lived in the house together for about 14 years, I am assuming that Whitney let her do whatever she wanted to do and Bobby had no say…..Bobby is going to have to say something now!!!Save that girl before she or Nick hurt her…..

  2. Zabadread on said:

    these two fools are a train wreck waiting to happen,,I`ll forever love whitney houston for the body of work she did in the music industry but as a parent her daughter saw to much and was given the opportunity to do to much now her mom has pass she is like a bird that cant find her way and the sad part is all these quote and quote friends of whitney where are they at,,grandma,father and so on its sad to say but this story is gonna end really sad all i can do is pray for her obama 2012

  3. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Here we go just as we all taked about with the pic of Nick Gordon with the gun I dont wish anything bad on them but Bobby and the other relatives needs to try and step in and save his daughter,,,the worst is yet to come……..

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