Cassie, 26, and Diddy, 42, have been alleged lovers for many years now but finally the couple has come out and officially confirmed the rumors via, of course, Instagram.

Over the weekend, Cassie posted a photo of Diddy on a Jet Ski while on vacation on her personal Instagram [photo above] with the caption "Love him" along with a popular emoticon which has two hearts for eyes.

Diddy returned the love by posting a photo of Cassie rocking a creme skirt and printed top [photo above] on his personal instagram with the caption, "I'm a very lucky man #knowthat."

Maybe Diddy has found the one to finally settle down with after six kids and a couple failed engagements in a woman 16 years his junior.

How long do you think this couple will last? Do you see wedding bells in their future?

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10 thoughts on “IT’S OFFICIAL: Cassie and Diddy Confirm They’re a Couple

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  3. so women are attracted to men with money and they can by them gifts but the fairy tales is just as it states a tale when you kiss a frog it does not turn into a prince its still a frog

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