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Even though he was married when he had an affair with his band mate Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean is putting the “X-Factor” singer on blast by claiming she lied about the paternity of her child  which caused the Fugees to breakup.

When the group broke up in 1997, front man Wyclef refused to discuss what caused the trio to split, but months after  he broke his silence and admitted his fling with Hill was the catalyst. The affair also almost ended his marriage.

In his autobiography that’s due out tomorrow, Wyclef claims Lauryn tricked him into believing her firstborn son was his, when, in fact, the father was Rohan Marley.

“In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that,” Jean writes in “Purpose,” at which The Postgot a first look yesterday.

Lauryn Hill is not having a good year. She was hit with two tax liens and her ex-Rohan Marley put her on blast for cheating on him.


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6 thoughts on “Wyclef Jean On Lauryn Hill: ‘She’s A Liar Who Told Me Her Baby Was Mine’

  1. What irony! He committed adultery, broke the covenant between husband and wife, but HE’S complaining about someone lying to him!! Now, that’s rich!!!!

  2. If you don’t understand what love is don’t stop a sister keep it moving, because the true love of a sister is nothing to get twisted that’s your mother and that’s your sister, and surely what you put out in the universe comes back. A man stands by his words, a male is just a biological function.

  3. ishlah1971 on said:

    Really….whether she lied about the baby is heresay. Fact is Wyclef did cheat on his wife, and this is not the only time. Looks like someone is just trying to make a buck here, no one would be interested in all the “no names” he cheated on his wife with.
    Every other year there are pics and stories of R.Marley cheating, now he wants to claim he was cheated on. BAW you are betther than this…….

  4. TipTip919 on said:

    Its obvious that the only reason Wyclef continues to speak ill of Lauryn Hill is that he was a MAN who got hurt by a WOMAN. Its only relevant now because he is attempting to cash in on her name. Leave the woman alone, she has more than enough on her plate than to worry about being talked about soooo many years later by his lame tail… SMH

  5. BigBlackW on said:

    What exactly is the point of trying to make Lauryn Hill look like a liar ???
    Wyclef cheated on his wife with Lauryn, yet he can’t forgive her ???
    Lying and cheating are sins. We are all human and we all have sinned.
    Almighty God cannot forgive us of our sins UNTIL we forgive those who tresspass against us……………………………………….

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