Well “ode” may be a bit dramatic but some of my fondest memories are of sitting on the kitchen stool, watching my grandmother neatly slice up an avocado, admiring the cool green color as she tossed it on top of some lettuce, used it as a plate garnishment or smashed it on a piece of bread.

I love avocados! Sure they are a little heavy on the bottom, more often than not misunderstood for being moody and can get downright nasty if not taken care of properly. None-the-less, my love affair with avocados goes way back – firmly rooted in my Jamaican heritage. From the slices flavored with only salt and pepper that my grandmother would hand feed me as a kid to the more extravagant dishes that I now serve as an adult, avocados add a splash of color and flavor to every meal.

In fact, in Jamaica, avocados are often used in multiple ways in one sitting – as a substitute for cheese or butter, or as a vegetable, side dish or salad topping. In some other countries, avocados are treated as fruits and are often used in drinks.

My mouth still waters with anticipation at the thought of a piece of avocado accidentally mixing with my rice and peas. But I digress …

What I learned from my Jamaican mother and grandmother who are avocado lovers themselves is that nothing is wrong with a little avocado. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are four more reasons to fall in love with the avocado.

Read some great avocado recipes here.

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