Actor Clifton Powell has been a familiar face in black film for many years with roles in classic films like "Ray," "Friday," and "Menace II Society" to name a few.

Unfortunately, Powell now is in the news for something other than his movies.

A Lousiana woman, using the name Kiayante Myers, is claiming Powell raped her in 2011 in a hotel room.

According to reports, the woman admits that the sex was initially consensual between the two,but, after asking him to stop, Powell, continued having sex with her and even covered her mouth with his hand.

Myers reported the incident last year but police did not pursue Powell citing lack of evidence.

She has now brought her case to federal court and is asking for upwards of $75,000 dollars in damages.

Powell vehemently denies the accusations, saying he has been falsely accused and that he will be taking legal action against the woman.


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18 thoughts on “Actor Clifton Powell Accused of Rape

  1. Oh My GOD!, these comments and all this profanity is terrible, please keep the profanity down,
    whatever happen, please stop calling woman H*** we are so hard on each other, GOSH!,
    this is a shame,,, yall sound so angry,,why are yall so angry with this woman,, please stop swearing
    on the website, and learn how to speak your minds without all the profanity,,

  2. godjlove on said:

    nah…the problem is that way too many men don’t give a F (regardless of the reasons, which are unlimitless). If they are in the process of handling their business then they say: ‘F that’…i’m getting mine. and sometimes the force/pull of nature does it! the force of nature is strong and we are all under its control. you can try to mentally educate yourself to be above it but the gravitational pull of the moon and the other planets won’t allow you to be exempt. ikke sant! thereby social media and networking will bring about social dysfunction and tragic occurrences like rape, a violation of one’s human rights. Females can say NO at ANY moment in the process of intercourse! No! No! No! Stop!!! Now when the two bodies become interconnected then one body has some control over the other. It is a game of domination and submission. Now if the female feels that she doesn’t desire to continue with the mating then she has the right, as well as does the male, to say Let’s stop! This is where the mutual honor and trust should be even before they agreed to consummate.

  3. godjlove on said:

    …yeah, ‘these day’ the laws can be twisted in such wicked ways. the most astute lawyer today is shrewd in deed. However, men, If a woman says no, no matter at what stage the intercourse is in, beginning or end or middle (good), if she says no then it’s time to stop. Many men are not properly educated to this fact. No means no sucker! Get up off her now you greedy SOB! I had numerous occasions where the other partner said stop…and I stopped. I have and will never violate another individual and I get a lot of goodies in return. Moments that go all the way to the climax fool! The moment of liberation and satisfaction. All else is frustration. Don’t go there! Niggaz are already frustration so why frustrate them further??? B!? Huh?

  4. godjlove on said:

    Wait…in my book, if a girl, lady, woman or hoe get undress in the moment of passion and she position herself on her back or any other sexual position then she fucking or prepared too; and if she decides that in the process of intercourse she doesn’t want to continue with the sexual act and her partner doesn’t honor her request then it is RAPE…ASSAULT…RAVISHMENT…a brutal VIOLATION of her, her rights, dignity, honor, wishes, and trust, etc., etc..

  5. TruthToday1 on said:

    I’m a little concerned about the charge of a rape from last year. Yes, she reported a rape but the charge went no-where for lack of evidence as in (she waited to long or her claim seemed not credible). So now she wants money, for what? She has not proven her case yet or the claim. I’m not saying that it did not happen but should she not have to prove her claim prior to going after this guys wallet?

  6. EdieBlount on said:

    So YES means NO? What??? Unless you’re his wife, publicly known to be his girlfriend, or the chamber maid, stay out of these men’s hotel rooms! So, the first RIDE was FREE, but the second one cost $75K? Pleeeez!!!

  7. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    YADA YADA you know what had happen was it was getting so gooood she said yes yes but then pinkys jeri curl juice started buring her neck…………………. and she said no no stop stop,

  8. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    YADA YADA you know what had happen was it was getting so gooood she said yes yes but then pinkys jeri curl juice started buring her neck…………………. and she said no no stop stop,

  9. YadaYada on said:

    She decided to say stop once she started seeing dollar signs. Pinky can`t go to jail, he`s gotta girl friend and a wife on the side.

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