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An 82-year-old California woman is accused of stealing approximately $17,000 from doctors’ offices.

Doris Ann Gamble visited several medical centers between March and August. Torrance police officials said Gamble swindled the medical staff by hiding out in the offices until they closed and went through the cash drawers.

Gamble was jailed for a prior conviction of the same crime in 2010 and was released later that year.

As local police began to see the trend of commercial burglaries return they started investigating. Detectives said that they spotted a “distinctive elderly female with spiky gray hair in the lobby” on one of the medical office’s surveillance videos. They later tracked Gamble down to a motel where she was recently living.

Gamble was not happy about the presence of news cameras during her court appearance.

“Why do they film that, I’m not newsworthy. I am an 82-year-old lady who does burglary, why is that newsworthy,” Gamble told the judge. She also requested donations to purchase snacks while behind bars.

Gamble has been charged with seven counts of second-degree commercial burglary and one count of attempted commercial burglary. If convicted, she faces up to five years in jail.