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Dear Tom:

I am nominating Keith Brown

With odds stacked against him not knowing anyone in his family, he was raised in the foster care system of Baltimore City, Maryland.  He encouraged himself through the challenges of life. He has full custody of his son and has had him since birth.

He has been the volunteer coach of the T- ball team for four  years now, he has opened our home to be foster parents as well.   He cuts grass for three senior citizens  on our block every two weeks and has done this for the past 10 years.  He never asks for money.

Keith started his own business after being laid off in 2010. He has a carryout and vowed to employ those within the community we serve. He allows the younger kids to do small chores to earn a little money in hopes to keep them off the streets of Baltimore.

He continues to give of himself, he has taught neighborhood kids how to ride bikes and will go to the local thrift stores to purchase bikes for those that learn to ride. He is a man of integrity and very loving, he has a big heart and still has time to love on me. He is my real father, real man.

Dionne Brown, wife.

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