Dear Tom,

My mom is the mother of 5 but in 2007; she adopted my three nieces after their parents died. These were the daughters of her youngest son and she didn’t want them put into the system.

More times then i can count, she has she gone without to make sure that her children and grandchildren have everything they need.  The girls are now ages 6, 8 and 10 and she takes really great care of them as if they were her very own.

She’s been driving a school bus for over 24 years. But she’s more than just a bus driver – she has helped several students over the years by providing them with food, clothing, school supplies, care packages and even helping them with prom.

And she can really cook!  To bring in extra money – my mom runs a small catering business where she serves up to 100 people for all kinds of events.

She’s a huge fan of Miss Robbie Montgomery’s show  “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” and she’s been dying to dine at her new restaurant in St. Louis.

I think that she needs to know she is truely appericated for what she does and it doesnt go unseen or under-appericated.


Ashley Toatley



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