Dear Tom,

Two years ago, my great niece, Cierra went in for surgery to correct the curvature of her spine.  the surgery was not successful and at only twelve years-old— she was left paralyzed from the waist down.   she has since undergone a second surgery, which was also unsuccessful and she is confined to a wheelchair.

Cierra has missed out on a lot during the first couple of years of her recovery.   On September 4th, she will be entering a new high school that is more disability accessible for her than her former school.   She is somewhat apprehensive about leaving her old school and being the new kid on the block in a predominately white school. Cierra is fearful she will not be able to make friends and does not know how her disability will be perceived.

Tom, my niece is now a beautiful fourteen year-old.   It is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to get her a new wardrobe—in her former school she wore uniforms— and school supplies and a laptop computer that she can carry to her classes. Cierra is an avid reader and even after all she has been through, she still maintains an “a” average and has been on the honor roll since elementary school.  Her parents have limited finances.  Her dad has a job at a group home, working as many doubles as possible to make ends meet and her mom is attending cosmetology school and transporting Cierra and her brother  to school and  therapy a few times a week.

I am so proud of Cierra for being so courageous that I want to reward her with this Christmas wish, so she can start school confident and uplifted.  

May god bless you for all you have helped, Kimberly Norris


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One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish- Kimberly Norris

  1. ben_lewis on said:

    my wish would be to go to Liberia in Africa. because i miss all my friends and family…. it feels like forever since i’ve been there… i just want to be there again. if you could fulfill my wish i don’t know how i could repay you!!! thank you soooooo much if you do!! please read this!!!

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