Pastor Craig Lamar Davis of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church was arrested on July 22 for reckless conduct. Police investigators discovered that he has HIV and had allegedly been indulging in unprotected sex with several of his congregation members. One of his congregation victims has come forward with her story.

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15 thoughts on “Married Pastor Spreads HIV Among Congregation

  1. YadaYada on said:

    This is a prime example of What you do in the cloak of darkness will come to light at the break of day. This just isnt for the Pastor either. Sounds like one freaky church. Prasie the Lord and pass the condoms

  2. Question: Why are there so many Black churches in African American communities? Wouldn’t it be better to have one big church so that when you go to the counties and cities with proposals you will have more power. Until this happens there’s nothing that will surprise me that comes out of these places. And sisters come out of the daze of the pastors. They are just confused Black men that figured out another way to hustle their own people.

  3. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    This is the last straw a so called man of GOD spreading death…. then eddie long damm can we get a break……its hard enough trying to find and keep a JOB…..

  4. jimmyg on said:

    It looks as if somebody been took again.And some preachers don’t practice what they preach.The biggest lie preached is that we can take a photo or painting of our creator and put it in our churches.But folks the spirit of God is at least 13 billion years old.According to that Christian holy book that same spirit was here before the earth was formed.And every scientist tell us that big bang of light started and produced everything we see in the cosmos.But wait a minute folks.Preachers tell us this was started by a white man,and we can see this creator in a painting or photo in our churches.Folks for real,doya see why white folks have that superior attitude towards mere mortals.God looks like them.

  5. We are a disobedient people. We do everything opposite of the “CREATOR”.If the “CREATOR” order us to look left,we will look right and vice versa. The “CREATOR” put woman on this earth for man and now women are marrying and sleeping with women and men are marrying and sleeping with men,disobedient. If we want to make the world a better place all we have to do as Black people is to unify and get organized and we willnot do it,disobedient. In order to have have love,peace and harmony as an opressed people all we have to do is to unify and organize,we willnot do it because petty jealousies,disobedient.Our disobiedience and disrespect of the “CREATOR’S” WISHES is why we have all of the problems that we have.

  6. unfortunately the Black church in this day in time is a hinderance to the uplift of our community.Ministers have became sophisticated pimps and exploiters of the peoples trust and resources.Women in the congregation are being exploited to the max by preachers that have perverted values.Some are also violating young boys . It would be funny if it were not so patethetic,but these preachers have the nerve to cop an attitude when congregates talk about their perverted behavior.These type of ministers donot want members that can think ,they want the group think type that will go along to get along.Most of the time these type pastors are staus quo puppets pretending to be progressive.Black women should stop letting themselves be used and abused by wanna be big time fakers of GODS word.Spreading t he HIV Virus is as irresponsible as you can get in society.We need to get rid of all of these fakers and sell outs along with their politic partners in crime.

  7. msfineonenhere on said:

    to me personally when i went home in 2004 for my brothers funeral i remember driving down a street called fenkell off of livernois and as i drove i counted 12 churches in a 2 mile stretch two were right across the street from each other all baptist and the reason is the pimp daddy preachers i believe if the church takes in 100 dollars the preacher should get 10 to 20 of that no more and i also think that a preacher should have a day job as well i,m sick of these pimp daddy preachers living large while we have to walk drive or take the bus to get to church while they wear 1000 suits 800 gator shoes drive a bentely no way jesus did walk around with a collection plate with a expensive robe and gator sandals so when the pastors get a regular job and stop getting paid big paper then i will go back until then i lve my life by faith

  8. strongchicagoman44 on said:

    Good afternoon, I just feel too many individuals don’t understand the word of our savior it does not start in a book written by man for man too interpret to you others, God is a spirit that dwells in all of us, WE HAVE become on nation of people that believe everything that is put out to us by whomever speak good sounds goods, dresses good and in the end when they disappoint you, We are blaming everyone except the person you should blame yourself. We have to just have God in your heart walk like him, pray daily for your mind and strength and health and try your best to be the best person you can be, and you don’t have to run in someone church to be a good individual and man or woman of God just be good to your fellow man. Its sad yes that others are taking the word of God and using it for their benefits but this has been going on since the day of time. Stop trusting man (PEOPLE) Trust your God and live by the goodness that he teaches us all to live by.

  9. littlefeet70 on said:

    I would like to know where has the fear of God went in our churches? People stand in a leadership position and act like it is ok to do whatever they want and then be ready to preach hell and fire to someone in the congregation that is not doing something right. Well the bible did not exclude anyone for the sin that they commit and then to have such a deadly virus and you spread it like wild flowers I am upset with him because he knew better as a leader I am upset with the women that allowed it. First you know he was suppose to be a man of God so why would you even allow yourself to be involved with him and you look at the first lady every week. Then we wonder why people don’t want to go to church now becasue of all the stuff that we here and see when we are there. I am a firm believer when you know you have issues in your life sit youself down the spirit of PRIDE has overtaken the church so much that people have lost they focus. We don’t go to be involved with a human man but we go to have a relastionship with a spiritual Father. This has just made me know that Jesus is soon to come back look at all the lives that are affected in this not just the ones he slept with but also the members of the church how many of them will return to the world for they may feel that they don’t want no parts of the mess. Lord help us TODAY

  10. gmcbrown on said:

    Every person who wears a collar was not called by GOD!!! We need to be careful and THAT is not an excuse to open your legs!!! Please realize 2 things, 1) He is your pastor and 2) He is married. All the blame is not on him, lets keep it REAL!

  11. niagaras4me on said:

    OMG, you’re supposed to be going to churt to hear a word from God. If he approached you in the wrong way, you should’ve denounced him and moved your membership, not open wide. Silly women, now you’ve put several innocents in jeopardy!

  12. niagaras4me on said:

    OMG, you’re supposed to be going to churt to hear a word from God. If he approached you in the wrong way, you should’ve denounced him and moved your membership, not open wide. Silly women, now you’ve put several innocents in jeopardy!

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