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There are three things that have happened in the last week that just don’t make sense to me that I wanted to share my thoughts on.

1.  Hampton University Business School Dean Sid Creadle stands by ban on locks and cornrows. Hampton has the right to do what they want and a take on the responsibility to prepare their students for corporate boardrooms. However, in 2012 there is an opportunity to create trend setting business leaders and not conforming ones. Be aggressively honest with your students about the consequences of appearance decisions, but be a bridge to corporate America that says "Change." Hampton could say to corporate recruiters and set up discussions with progressive corporate leaders to proclaim “We have brilliant men and women who have chosen to expresses their cultural identity through their hair and will add to your bottom line.” All won't bite, but I bet some would. There are doors I have not been able to walk in with my locks and there are places I have changed because of them. We need courageous institutional leadership that prepares our kids for the real world as they simultaneously prepare them to change it. Let’s not create more boxes for our kids to have to fit in. Empower them to redefine this world.

2.  The New LeBron James Signature X sneakers slated for release this fall will be sold for $315. Now, I love LeBron, but come on. We have massive unemployment, young people and parents struggling to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. LeBron's fault…no, but if you care at all about the fans who have made you, push Nike to release sneakers at two price points. If I could afford them, I would not put that kind of target on my kids feet. Because the kids that can’t afford them are coming for the kids whose family can. $315 shoes will be the aspiration of kids whose parents don’t have $315 dollars saved for their future. WTF.

3.  There was article last week on that claimed the greatest threat to President Obama was not Mitt Romney, but black voters staying home on Election Day. There are few who would argue that the vast majority of registered black voters support President Obama, but that doesn’t mean that if it rains on Election Day, they will turn out. What a shame that 147 years after the abolishment of slavery we still have to convince, trick, or beg us to actually be citizens of a country we helped build. Your desire or lack of desire to vote says less about the president, your congressperson, or local judge. It says something about you. Vote because it is your responsibility as an active citizen. Anyone feel like this candidate and the nation should not be joined in matrimony? Vote November 6 or forever shut up.

I’m Jeff and that’s my truth. Peace and blessings.


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