On Friday, culture critic Touré found himself apologizing for a comment he made on Thursday during a political discussion on cable news channel, MSNBC.

As previously reported, Touré – one of the co-hosts of the network’s “The Cycle” – accused Mitt Romney of “using racial coding” to “other” President Barack Obama with “really deep stereotypes about the angry black man.”

“I know it’s a heavy thing,” he said. “I don’t say it lightly, but this is ‘niggerization’.”

Now he’s walked back his comment with an apology: “On yesterday’s show, in discussion about the presidential race, I used a word to make a point. In retrospect, I muddied the discussion by using the N word. I could’ve made my point without that word. I shouldn’t have used it, and for that I’m sorry.”

Touré was discussing Romney’s speech in Ohio on Tuesday, in which the Republican nominee described the President as “angry and desperate.” Romney also characterized the President’s campaign as divisive and hateful.

Watch as Romney makes his comments about Obama and  Touré’s response:


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2 thoughts on “Touré Apologizes for Romney ‘Niggerization’ Comment

  1. Soulsonsix on said:

    No need for an apology, Toure’.

    The context was appropriate, if not titllating. I may have chosen another word to express the sentiment – “bigoted” or “bigotry” come to mind – but your argument entirely cogent and the aim well taken.

    IMO, there is no “lesser bigoted statement” here, whether from Gov. Romney or V.P. Biden (whom the other panelist invoked in an elitist manner, as a redirect from the topic Toure’ raised). Both carry some level of offense toward Blacks… the real question then, is: who will respond to the vitriol most actively – those who want to restore the “coded” language of past politics, or we who have the means to dispel those time-worn beliefs?

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