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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A spokesman for Alabama's governor says he would like to pardon the Scottsboro Boys, but he lacks the legal authority.

Officials with the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center have sent a pardon request to Gov. Robert Bentley. One of the nine black teenagers falsely accused of raping two white women in 1931 received a pardon from the state parole board in 1976. Clarence Norris was the only one living at the time, and nothing was done for the other eight.

Bentley spokesman Jeremy King said the governor believes it is time to right a wrong for the other eight Scottsboro Boys, and his staff is exploring how to allow for posthumous pardons.

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7 thoughts on “Ala. Governor Supports Pardon for Scottsboro Boys

  1. Garry Morgan on said:

    This proposed faux pardon is a publicity stunt for politicians and those seeking glory. To take advantage of the suffering of the Scottsboro Defendants by utilizing a political tactic which accomplishes nothing is a slap in the face of Justice.

    There can be positive actions which could result from the proposed action. 1) Alabama has no law authorizing compensation for those wrongfully convicted of crime. The State Legislature should initiate a Wrongfully Convicted Compensation Act in the name of the Scottsboro Case Defendants. 2) There should be compensation paid to the survivors of the Scottsboro Defendants. If there are no survivors, payment could be made into the indigent defense fund.

    The Scottsboro Case Defendants can never be made whole again. However, racism can be attacked, should be attacked and this is an opportunity to correct a small portion of the ole disease which threatens our nation.

    Make positive improvements; not just give political lip service as the proposed faux pardon does. Let the current Republican power structure in Alabama place their money where their mouth is and provide Justice, not lip surface.

  2. loycetate on said:

    I can write better than that, my point is that, by the time the government sees fit to hand over a check to the heirs of those men, what is the value in 2012? Multi-millions which I suspect the families will never see. The government will wait till the families are destitute and offer “pennies” that they will feel forced to take because they are at their rope financially is how is usually works in insurance settlements! Then it won’t cost the judicial system so much money. That should be federal dollars not state dollars compensating those families. There should be an “injustice” budget dating back 200 years! OBAMA 2012

  3. loycetate on said:

    Amen EdieBlout!
    Just as hard as it is for the “Black Farmers” to receive checks but I bet teh 911 victims been paid! There is a higher priority to the suffering of every other ethnic race of people but Black Folks in this country of the USA especially for a race of people whose ancestors shed blood and died for. When we see equality and justice for all? OBAMA 2012

  4. EdieBlount on said:

    Here we go again– to little, too late. I pray the peace of the souls of these eight men was gained long before– and not contingent upon– this overdue effort to right the wrongs inflicted upon them. “Pardons” are just words. The surviving family members of these victims are entitled to maximum financial restitution. This is further proof that whatever measure of freedom we’ve gained, it was not “free.” How much are the lives of eight men worth?

  5. Della1 on said:

    I agree with you Gwinderlon 100%. Thank goodness for the Lord because JUSTICE will prevail……….JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL WITH HIM…..

  6. Gwinderlon on said:

    This sure is a DAMN SHAME!!!! It’s 2012 Oh now someone finds it in their hearts to do something. ENRAGED is how I feel about this Crap! Why Why. Do we Black people have to wait so long for restitution. This mess make me SAD!

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