An 18-year-old Florida man was arrested after he groped a woman’s butt at an area Wal-Mart.

Aaron Morris told police that “her booty looked so good, I just couldn’t resist touching it.”

He faces charges of touch or strike/battery.

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7 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Grabbing Woman’s Booty

  1. DJCOOKY on said:

    cm20, that’s the old saying of she brought it on herself. Every molester says the same thing. If she were walking down the street naked, that gives NO one the right to touch her IDIOT.

  2. If you dress like a fireman and someone grabs you to come help put out a fire don’t get mad at them.(Don’t touch the c—-ash young men. And stop dressing like trash young ladies)

  3. veronicaj on said:

    As an attractive woman, I always have to be conscious of my surrounding and my outfits because I know just like all females know not to put yourself in a situation that will question your character (double-standard society). It is ashamed that both parties are the blame in my opinion. There are many women that are desirable that men only fantasize about, but given the opportunity they will take it even by force. This is why it is important that women for starters know how to market themselves in a positive way with respect. The men on the other hand unfortunately, were not taught how to be respectful especially if they were not raise properly or around positive male role models. This is why it is so IMPORTANT that we as a society should volunteer with young people to explain the dos and don’ts of adulthood, respect, and responsibility.
    I do feel sorry for both equally because if the young man is charged with a felony he will then be labeled as a undesirable person for society while the woman will continue to put herself in an uncompromising position because she was not taught properly herself. It would seem they both may be a victim of the entertainment world of videos.

  4. @dj cookie

    If you comment on a statement make sure you comprehend the whole thing, or did you not read the part where I said don’t touch. And I stand by the first part of my statement if you dress half naked don’t be surprised by the mentality of the attention you get. A sister should be revered for her mind not drooled over her nakedness. Now can you comprehend that.

  5. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Hey we all have saw some a** we wanted to touch in some way or another but these days with all the a** out there you just got to hold your ground young brothers..dont touch with out the ok…… little bro is in jail trying not to get his a** touched,…..

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