New research reveals that men are willing to go into debt to impress women when there is a scarcity of females in their area.

The new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men develop unwise spending habits when there are fewer women to date. Researchers analyzed financial records in over 120 U.S. cities examining how many credit cards residents owned as well as how deep in debt they were.

In cities containing more males than females, study results showed that men had a higher desire for immediate gains which led to impulsive spending.

Researchers also recruited 205 participants to review photos featuring neighborhood singles. After reviewing the photos, participants were asked if they would like to receive $35 the next day or $45 in 33 days. Study authors found that males who lived in cities with a scarcity of women preferred the $35 option as opposed to waiting a month for the extra money.

Authors concluded that men are willing to financially compete with each other by spending stupidly when they are in cities with fewer women.

Previous research has also depicted the same economic trend in cities with a higher male to female ratio. Some studies found that mating influenced spending habits in which males spent money on designer shoes, fine wines, and expensive cars. Another study found that men became even more impulsive with their money when they touched a woman’s bra. 

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