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Dear Tom,

My sister Pamela is the devoted mom of two and – as of last month – a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. She works as a Psychiatric Therapist at Drexel University and she is always helping people.

One time, she took in my niece’s family of 4 after they lost her home. Pamela took them into her house for 6 months.

Another time, our dad was having breathing problems that were attributed to asbestos in the building he was living in. So he stayed with her until his name came up the waiting list for a Senior Citizens apartment he had been waiting for.

On August 1st, the governer cut off a general Assistance program that offered cash assistance of $200 in monthly benefits to the sick or disabled; unemployed adults without dependent children and domestic violence survivors.

She organized a benefit called Helping Hands and she asked all the employees at Drexel for donations for items for the impacted participants affected. She puts her family and her community before herself. Last month, her washer and dryer recently broke and I know she could use a new set.

She is such a help to everyone in the family and she is called on a lot to help. Therefore Mr. Joyner I am writing to see if you could give her some help, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. She doesn't know I am writing to you. It would be such a surprise to her.

Thank you,

Dorothea Jones


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