A man in India is facing charges of cruelty and voluntarily causing grievous hurt after he placed a lock on his wife’s vagina.

The make-shift chastity belt was discovered when the man’s wife, Sitabai Chouhan tried to poison herself and ended up in the hospital. While examining her, doctors found that the man drilled holes on both sides of his wife’s genitals and placed the lock on it himself. Authorities had to track down Chouhan’s husband for the key, which he kept hidden in his socks.

The man, who is described to be an alcoholic mechanic, said that he created the device because his family has a history of cheating wives.  He wanted to make sure it did not happen to him.

Chouhan is currently recovering in the hospital.

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7 thoughts on “Man Places Lock and Key on Wife’s Vagina

  1. Someone should drill holes through his dick and hang a 45Ib weight on it and make his deranged ass do a five mile jog. Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to think of a way to have him put down.

  2. Mona Batir on said:

    Maybe the men were rapists and called it ‘chwating By their wives’ that’s how it works in that part of the country!

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  4. Maybe the men have a history of being dam fools! if you got someone that you do not trust that much then you do not need to be with them—PERIOD male or female….that is some mess right there..they should take his penis off since he will not need it in prision….

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