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McDonald's is offering their “Twister Fries” to patrons in the Philippines and Americans are wondering when the popular item will be featured in the U.S.

Many fast food chains such as McDonald's and Wendy’s will test particular menu items among smaller consumer groups before offering it on a wider-scale. This appears to be the case with McDonald's curly fries.

The restaurant, also known as McDo’s in the Philippines, marketed the fries as a bold, crisp and lightly-seasoned potato snack. It will only be available for three weeks in the country.

Other popular menu items at the millions-served chain include their McRib sandwich. This barbeque pork item is only offered occasionally throughout the year.

Fast food chains have undergone many menu changes in recent years to accommodate a healthier lifestyle. In September, McDonald's will begin taking healthier strides by offering apples instead of fries as a Happy Meal option. They also aim to reduce their sodium, added sugar, saturated fat and calories by the year 2020.  

Burger King also tried new menu items such as their bacon sundae earlier this year. The second largest burger chain has jumped on board to create healthier choices by adding sweet potato fries, barbeque sandwiches, and frozen lemonade to their menu.

McDonald's Restaurants holds nearly 50 percent of the market share of all ten popular U.S. burger chains.

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