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The question on everyone’s mind is… are they Beyonce’s nails or not?

Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s face served as decor to a slender pair of hands. Beyonce posted the dazzling nails on her blog but we don’t know if it was Beyonce paying homage to her husband or if it was a fan paying homage to Jay and Beyonce!

What do you think of the nails?


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4 thoughts on “Beyonce Posts Jay-Z Nail Art; Causes Stir

  1. wandita1 on said:

    Not sure whose manicure that is, not so I’d like a face peering up at me from a finger nail. Kind of over the top.

  2. EdieBlount on said:

    If somebody’s that big of a Bey-Jay fan, and that’s how they want to spend their time and money, they can do that. Long as I don’t have to pay for it, it’s cool.

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